Understanding regulations around the end-use of your goods

Export control checks in the area of end-use aim to effectively prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missile programs in critical countries. In the EU, the so-called "catch-all clause" (EU Dual-Use Regulation, Art. 4 and 5) forms the legal basis for license requirements for exports of non-listed items if there are indications that these items are to be used for certain critical purposes (i.e. critical end-use).

As part of the recast EU Dual-Use Regulation, an additional catch-all provision (in Art. 5) has been added: for the export of non-listed cyber surveillance items which are subject to reporting requirements if the exporter is aware (or has been informed by the authorities) that the items in question are or may be intended, in their entirety or in part, for end-use in connection with internal repression and/or the commission of serious human rights violations and international humanitarian law.

Complying with statutory provisions on end-use at all times

Complying with statutory provisions on end-use at all times

In addition to these catch-all controls at EU-level, exporting companies must also comply with national catch-all regulations and corresponding licensing requirements for critical end-uses at their customers.

Managing controls on critical end-use is a complicated matter. But AEB's Export Controls software makes it easy: It automates and manages the check on end-use for you in the background of your export transactions as well. And if you need help collecting the data to create transparency about knowledge of critical end-uses, just take a look at our product Risk Assessment.

Easy integration of Export Controls into your ERP system

System integration maximizes export control efficiency, increases security, and minimizes your risks.


With the Export Controls plug-in for SAP® you can check your transactions (e.g. sales, purchase, or service orders) for export restrictions and manage critical results directly in your SAP system. The AEB plug-in integrates smoothly and without modification in both ERP ECC® and SAP S/4HANA®.

Options for other ERP systems

Our programming interface (API) for Export Controls is available for integration into other ERP systems. This enables real-time checks for both individual transactions and large volumes of transactional data alike. Support is provided by our API documentation, test functions, and expert teams.

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Nicole Mantei

Nicole Mantei

AEB Product Expert for Export Controls