Checking embargoes and license requirements worldwide

AEB's Export Controls software checks your business transactions for license requirements as well as movement and export restrictions. Rules and data for checks in accordance with the EU Dual-Use Regulation, Germany’s Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance, and the United States’ Export Administration Regulations (US EAR) are delivered via an automatic up-to-date data service. Export control requirements from other regulations are conveniently checked based on jurisdictions that can be individually added and defined.

Easily defining company-specific restrictions

Export Controls enables you to define export restrictions beyond the jurisdictions that are available via data service. This allows you to adapt the software functionality in a flexible manner to meet your individual needs – without involving your IT team or external consultants. Own rules can be freely defined based on the following criteria: Value threshold, countries of origin, countries of departure, countries and areas of consignee, destination, and buyer, critical end uses, and goods attributes such as material number, commodity code, export control number, ECCN, etc.

Working with full flexibility – manually, assembled, automated, integrated

Export Controls is browser-based, so you can start screening individual business transactions right away from anywhere in the world. But it’s even more convenient to integrate the check into the quotation or order entry process. This enables an automated background check for every new document and every change so that no redundant data entry is required. If you wish to check a larger number of business transactions automatically, for example weekly or daily, you can also do so via an interface connection. Just as it works best for your business processes.

Identifying and stopping critical export transactions

The feature "Check transaction" lets you run a comprehensive export control check on controlled goods (e.g. dual-use items), country embargoes, and critical end-uses for the jurisdictions and restrictions that you have selected. If Export Controls detects a restriction, the compliance officer is automatically notified of the match by email, and the transaction is stopped. If there is no restriction, your employees will not even notice the check running silently in the background.

Evaluating and approving stopped business transactions

If a restriction is detected, Export Controls provides you with comprehensive information on the type of restriction and the steps taken during the check. This allows you to see exactly how and why the software came to this conclusion. You can then confirm the restriction or approve it by assigning a license. The combination of Export Controls with AEB’s License Management is ideal for synergy in this area, because applicable licenses can be suggested and even assigned automatically.

Documenting all export control steps centrally for your audit trail

Export Controls keeps a record of every check and every result. Subsequent assessments of restrictions are likewise recorded along with comments on reasons and document attachments. This provides you with a complete audit trail for internal audits or foreign trade audits. Even years later, you can quickly and comprehensively prove that you have fulfilled your obligations.

Export Controls software features at a glance
Export Controls software features at a glance

Export Controls software features at a glance

Reliable export controls absolutely depend on the ability to check every business transaction and, if necessary, put on the brakes. AEB's Export Controls manages this demanding task for you – without slowing down your processes and with all the documentation you need for audits.

Easy integration of Export Controls into your ERP system

System integration maximizes export control efficiency, increases security, and minimizes your risks.


With the Export Controls plug-in for SAP® you can check your transactions (e.g. sales, purchase, or service orders) for export restrictions and manage critical results directly in your SAP system. The AEB plug-in integrates smoothly and without modification in both ERP ECC® and SAP S/4HANA®.

Options for other ERP systems

Our programming interface (API) for Export Controls is available for integration into other ERP systems. This enables real-time checks for both individual transactions and large volumes of transactional data alike. Support is provided by our API documentation, test functions, and expert teams.

License requirements under control: Customers mastering export controls with AEB

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    How Atotech refined its export controls
    The export-driven provider of chemical products and equipment has risen to the challenge of regulation across its vast product lines by streamlining the process with a automated strategy built on AEB software.
  • BAE Systems
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    Shipping automation and the paperless export office
    BAE Systems uses AEB software to generate and archive export and shipping documentation for prestige aircraft system projects such as Hawk, Eurofighter, and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
  • Tosoh Europe
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    Peace of mind for export controls with AEB software
    Tosoh Europe is a supplier of chemical products that takes compliance with export controls very seriously. That’s why they partnered with AEB and implemented ERP-integrated global trade solutions.
  • Flux-Geräte GmbH
  • Raytheon Anschütz GmbH
  • SBB Cargo GmbH
  • Thales Deutschland GmbH

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Nicole Mantei

Nicole Mantei

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