Responsibility to us means standing behind what we do – and fail to do – especially when it comes to the environment. Learn what AEB is doing to promote sustainability.

AEB is climate neutral

AEB began in 2021 by running an initial assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by its business operations. The data collected was for 2019, the year before the coronavirus pandemic. At the time, things were still largely “normal” at AEB when it came to greenhouse gas emissions. 

The measurements included not only CO2 emissions but also emissions of the six other greenhouse gases cited in the Kyoto Protocol, which were converted into CO2 equivalents. 

We invest in a climate protection project based on the footprint to offset the unavoidable emissions generated. As a result, we achieved climate neutrality in 2021 and 2022. (see certificate). 

However, primarily we are working to further reduce our CO2 emissions. Therefore, we initiated several reduction measures to reduce our carbon footprint by 25% untill the end of 2023. 

Where this is currently not yet possible, we will continue to invest in the climate protection project to compensate. The project also helps advance other UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as quality education, clean water, and decent work. It has received Gold Standard certification from TÜV Süd.

Climate neutral company

Energy concept for headquarters and data centers

Our headquarters and data centers stand out for their efficient and environmentally sustainable energy concept, which takes into account all available regenerative energy sources.

The key to the energy concept is using waste heat from the two data centers for building and water heating. For this purpose, they transfer their heat to a 350m³ underground water tank, the water of which is used to heat the AEB corporate headquarters.
The cool night air in the summer cools the sprinkler tank, which then helps keep the data center and the whole building cooler during the day.

A photovoltaic system was installed to supply power to the data centers. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and conscientious building planning has helped us far surpass the EnEV 55 “Energy-Efficient Building” specifications defined in Germany’s Energy-Saving Ordinance.

AEB headquarters has passed the energy audit for compliance with the DIN EN 16247-1 standard. This legally required audit takes place every four years and checks the requirements needed to achieve EU climate goals.

Efficiency building 55

Vehicle fleet

We offer electric and hybrid vehicles as company cars to help our employees lessen their environmental footprint. Employees can charge the cars for free at AEB headquarters. We even use our own self-generated solar electricity to charge the cars.

Our company pool vehicle fleet includes one electric and one hybrid vehicle that we prioritize for short distances.

The energy audit also included our company fleet.

Vehicle fleet
Vehicle fleet
Vehicle fleet

Bees in headquarters

Bees in headquarters
Bees in headquarters

Our bee colony in the garden of AEB headquarters makes a small contribution to biodiversity. We are leasing the hive from our partner "proBiene".

This in turn helps bee populations recover. What sweetens the deal is that we get our very own honey each year.

Questions about the topic of the environment at AEB?

Reach out by email to learn more about what AEB is doing to help the environment: nfdbcm

Susanne Baldenhofer

Susanne Baldenhofer

I’ve been focused on environmental themes in both my personal and professional life for quite a while now.  

Why I’m passionate about the environment:

  • I oversaw the project to build AEB’s new corporate headquarters, which gave me fascinating insights into ecology and green building construction.
  • I also care about a green, sustainable lifestyle in my personal life and welcome the continual challenges we face in adapting our behavior.
  • I’m also intrigued by how multi-faceted the topic is. For example: I’m working with my colleagues to measure AEB’s carbon footprint as a basis for making the company carbon-neutral by 2023.

Beyond environmental concerns, I also support the AEB community and like to organize all kinds of events.

Jürgen Koepke

Jürgen Koepke

I’ve been deeply involved with environmental issues since the planning of AEB’s new Stuttgart headquarters in 2016. 

Why I’m excited about implementing green policies at AEB: 

  • I’ve had the opportunity to dig deeper into such interesting topics as heat recovery, solar energy, and geothermal energy.
  • This allows me to promote the efficient and sustainable use of resources. For example: During the planning of our new HQ, I was interested in making sure that the waste heat from our data centers could be captured and used in the building.
  • Environmental issues are technologically diverse and challenging.

Other topics that I’m involved in at AEB include the AEB community and our carbon footprint. My focus here is on energy management and electromobility – which fits right in with my role as Energy Management Officer. I am also responsible for overseeing the entire building automation program.