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AEB offers opportunities in a wide range of fields. Explore your options here. Wherever you feel you can contribute and see your strengths: We’re looking for you, not (just) your CV.


As a software developer, computer scientist, or IT system architect, you’ll design, program, test, optimize, and maintain our software solutions. You’ll either work closely with our customers and their specialized applications, or you’ll be more involved with the underlying technology.

IT Administrator

As an IT administrator, you’ll support both AEB’s internal data center and the data centers for AEB customers. Also on your plate: ensuring that our technical infrastructure evolves. You’ll also be part of the team that keeps our IT running smoothly, of course.

Project Lead

Who brings our software products and solutions to the customers? That would be you: as an IT Manager! It’ll be your job to find solutions and drive your projects from the planning phase through testing and into implementation. Your work ensures that we deliver quality — on budget, on time.

Product Manager

Software only becomes a solution when it solves our customers’ needs. This is where you come in. You’ll deliver the product that everyone has been waiting for.

Sales & Account Manager

At AEB, we seek long-term partnerships with our customers. There’s a name for this vision: you! You’ll have your finger on the pulse of our customers, with a keen sense for people and their needs, and with a strong commitment to service.

Service Specialist

Some customers entrust us with more than just handling orders — they assign us responsibility for entire processes and key functions. As an AEB Service Specialist, your job is to ensure that customers remain up and running even in the face of technical disruptions or uncertainties, or during system maintenance and trainings for updates and change requests.

Internal Services Specialist

Our growing workforce of nearly 650 employees is the very reason for our success. Our aspiration is to continuously develop each and every one of us and create the optimal working environment. There's a lot to do, whether you provide state-of-the-art employee services, delicious food in our cafeteria, or keep our building running smoothly.

Marketing Specialist

AEB is one of the most innovative providers of software solutions for digital value chains. Your job will be to make sure industry experts, potential customers, and employees know that.

Explore AEB for yourself and help us grow: Young professionals at AEB
Explore AEB for yourself and help us grow: Young professionals at AEB

Young professionals at AEB

As a student, intern, or trainee, you’ll get an inside look at the field that best matches your talents and objectives. You can quickly take on a lot of responsibility and learn things that will help both you and your résumé grow. Learn more

Open application

Does our work culture speak to you but don’t see a job opening that fits you? We encourage you to send us an open application. Maybe we need you and your skill set but just don’t know it yet.


Matthias Knöll
Matthias Knöll
Stephanie Kuhn
Stephanie Kuhn
Ulrich Lison
Ulrich Lison
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"AEB doesn’t have rigid job profiles. Everyone tries out different fields in the course of the years. New teams spring up to address a need and are then dissolved when the mission is complete."

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"I’m free to decide which projects I want to work on. That’s how I was able to define a role with responsibilities that I find super exciting and lots of fun."

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Questions? We’ve got answers.

Can I apply even if I don’t see my role in the job profiles you list?

Yes, of course. If you don’t apply just because you don’t see your role, then you and AEB both could miss out on a great opportunity. If you’re really unsure — and even if you’re not — you can always reach out to us directly.

How do I submit an open application?

You can upload open applications directly on our website. Feel free to write a few sentences about what’s on your mind and how you found us.

Will it be possible down the road to change my field of specialization?

Change is part of life, and that includes our professional lives. We have lots of different areas of specialization, and there are always some employees who wish to set out in a new direction, whether it’s an idea they’d like to explore or fixed plans with a specific date. We maintain a close dialog around your development, so there’s always an opportunity to discuss and work through such ideas.


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