Secure & reliable: The AEB Cloud in AEB's own data centers

AEB’s data centers are an essential and reliable foundation for our cloud-based software offerings. A sophisticated supply, data backup, and protection concept ensures comprehensive security and availability. Learn more. 

On-site data centers at our Stuttgart location

The AEB data centers are located in Germany.

AEB operates and manages the data centers itself.

The systems in the AEB Cloud offer high uptime rates.

The data centers are ISO 27001 certified.

The AEB data centers are located in Germany.
The AEB data centers are located in Germany.
AEB operates and manages the AEB Cloud itself.
AEB operates and manages the AEB Cloud itself.
The systems in the AEB Cloud offer high uptime rates.
The systems in the AEB Cloud offer high uptime rates.

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Security in the AEB Cloud

Security flowchart

Security in teh AEB data center
Security in teh AEB data center

High uptime thanks to multiple redundancy 

All the systems in the AEB Cloud are designed with multiple redundancy and allow for an automatic failover that can cover even extended disruptions to individual components. 

The two AEB data centers are supplied by two distinct, physically separated power lines. In addition, a diesel-based backup power system can maintain power for up to 24 hours without intervention in the event of an emergency. This emergency power supply can also be easily extended through refueling, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply. 

The AEB systems can also withstand minor fluctuations thanks to double cross-connections of each rack and multiple UPS systems.

Comprehensive backup strategies

To secure customer data, AEB data centers provide (SAN-integrated disk-to-disk) backups on optimized disk systems with various restore options.

The data is regularly copied from the disk systems to tape libraries in encrypted form. The tapes are outsourced to a third location.

Data security in practice with state-of-the-art technologies

We protect ourselves against unauthorized access and malware with next-generation firewalls, various anti-malware solutions, and several penetration tests every year. In addition, AEB employees undergo regular training and are sensitized to data security issues.

Logging and monitoring

Central logs record every access to and use of customer solutions and information assets, and these logs are stored in a central system to the extent allowed under the law.

Each application also has additional log data relevant to customer business processes. Customers can grant employees access to the logs – for troubleshooting, audits, etc.

Energy supply secured 24/7

Our data centers have two independent uninterruptible power supplies and a diesel generator as a backup power source. The diesel generator can provide power to both data centers for at least 24 hours without refueling. Regular tests check for any vulnerabilities in the energy supply.

Power supply
Power supply
Emergency generator
Emergency generator

Green AEB Cloud

Pumps for cooling/heating/circulation
Pumps for cooling/heating/circulation

The waste heat from our data centers is at the very heart of our energy concept: We use it to heat the water and the building.

Cloud models according to your needs

AEB offers two cloud options:

“AEB Cloud” is a shared (multi-tenant) environment in which customer applications share common application servers and associated components. The separation by client ensures that each customer can see and access only their own environment and data. For more details, see the

“AEB Private Cloud” features a dedicated application server for each customer. For more details, see the

Here you can find an overview of the precise differences between AEB Cloud and AEB Private Cloud:

Head of IT at AEB

Markus Wurdak  .  Head of IT
Markus Wurdak . Head of IT

Markus Wurdak

I've been responsible for the AEB customer data center since 2008. I also often interfaced with the data center in the years before that through my work in IT.

Why I enjoy managing the data center: 

  • I have a passion for managing bits and bytes and for IT in general.
  • I really appreciate the variety of both hands-on work and management.
  • I need to keep on eye on both the nitty-gritty and the bigger picture.

I love being the Head of IT at AEB, because managing the customer data center and the cloud solutions has allowed me to turn my passion into a career.

Questions about the topic of data centers at AEB?

Contact Head of IT: srvcbcm