Trade Compliance Management videos

Trade Compliance Management (Compliance & Risk Management) covers all central elements of export control with Compliance Screening, Export Controls, and License Management. The how-to videos show you how to work with these products.

Compliance Screening
Export Controls & License Management

Checking an individual address with Compliance Screening

Compliance Screening from AEB makes it easy to check individual addresses or names against restricted party lists.

Running a file check with Compliance Screening

Compliance Screening also supports you during the check if you the addresses to be checked are available in files.

Processing address matches with Compliance Screening

Learn how to process address matches that have resulted from the checks against restricted party lists.

Analyzing matches with Compliance Screening

With Compliance Screening from AEB, you can easily analyze the address matches that have resulted from the check against restricted party lists.

Checking Good Guy lists with Compliance Screening

Learn in this video where to find Good Guy lists and how to check Good Guys that you have created when editing address matches.

Editing whitelists with Compliance Screening

In this video, you will find out what a whitelist is, how to create a whitelist entry, and where to find your whitelist entries.

Checking screening logs and restricted party lists

The video explains how you can control the automatically generated logs and your company's own restricted party lists.

Processing address matches from Compliance Screening in Salesforce

Learn in this video how to process address matches resulting from checks against restricted party lists as a compliance officer.

Getting started with Trade Compliance Management: Master Data

Learn which master data is available in Trade Compliance Management, which master data you can maintain, and where to find master data.

Getting started with Trade Compliance Management: Quick Check

For export controls you can perform a quick check in Trade Compliance Management. Your master data will help you with this.

Getting started with Trade Compliance Management: Manual Restrictions

Manual restrictions allow you to map legal provisions in Trade Compliance Management, e.g. restrictions from the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Getting started with Trade Compliance Management: Licenses

This how-to video will show you how to create licenses and the necessary associated license types in Trade Compliance Management.

Getting started with Trade Compliance Management: Transactions

Learn how to approve transactions requiring a license in Trade Compliance Management with the help of this video.

It's easy: Working with your AEB application

Logging in and finding your way around in your AEB application

Find out here how to start your AEB application, use the desktop, and work with favorites.

Working conveniently in your AEB application

You can set up the AEB applications to suit your way of working – exactly as you need them.

Configuring and activating notifications about events

Learn how to configure and enable notifications about events in your AEB application.

Defining conditions for notifications and using your own notification texts

You can define conditions or exceptions for notifications and use your own notification texts.