Our mission

What drives us.

OUR VALUES: The AEB Common Ground.

The AEB Common Ground.

Our Common Ground is work in progress – as dynamic as our workplace collaboration.


Trust enables courage, openness, and a willingness to make mistakes, paving the way to sound decision-making and powerful, informed actions.


Our thoughts and actions come from a place of curiosity and transparency. The key to good collaboration can be found in constructive freedom of speech, free and fair expression, and the sharing of information and knowledge.

Long-term thinking

We focus on long-term goals – putting them ahead of short-term successes. Flexibility and stability are in balance. This ensures that relationships with partners and colleagues improve steadily over time.


We show ourselves as we are. We are aware of our impact and act in keeping with our individual character, convictions, and values. Unique and genuine. Credible, sincere, and appropriate.


We start with why. Purpose helps us do the right things well. It serves as our motivation, helping guide and define our work at AEB. 

Personal responsibility

Love it, leave it, or change it. We bring our full power to bear by actively taking part in discussions, giving constructive feedback, and confidently assuming responsibility.


The people at AEB

... put shared success ahead of personal gain
... accept responsibility, shape and make decisions
... practice consensus-building
... embrace change
... are fair, open, trusting, and appreciative
... follow principles rather than rigid rules

Jens Verstaen

Jens Verstaen

“We maintain an open dialog and are as transparent as possible”

Martin Setzler

Martin Setzler
Member of the Executive Board 

“We practice freedom and trust”

Alf Mantel

Alf Mantel

“Our culture is not set in stone / shaping and changing – confidently being ourselves”

Cornelia Kuhn

Cornelia Kuhn
Employer Branding 

“Growing with successful people”

Kristian Sindek

Kristian Sindek

“An enthusiastic team means fun, and fun means success”

Oliver Hippmann

Oliver Hippmann
Service and Support 

“Making a difference on your own initiative”