Compliance Management at AEB

Compliance management encompasses all the measures a company takes to ensure compliance with laws and internal regulations for the protection of itself and its governing bodies. At AEB, we are also guided by the principles of fairness, equality, freedom, and responsibility in how we interact with customers, co-workers, partners, and other stakeholders.

Our values

AEB's corporate culture is characterized above all by open cooperation, helpfulness, and trust. We interact as peers with our customers, colleagues, and partners. We value one another and believe firmly that honest feedback and respectful clarity promote successful partnerships. We do not forget that we are all humans who sometimes make mistakes. We deal with mistakes as with success - we take responsibility for them. We expect the same behavior from our suppliers and customers. We expect that the principles of ecological, social, and ethical behavior are observed and integrated into the corporate culture.

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Our Compliance principles

  • We comply with laws, rules, and regulations
  • We strive to be an exemplary company
  • We protect our brand, our values, and the people at AEB
  • We want to know about dangers and risks, avoid them and, if they do occur, react to them correctly
  • We want to ensure that we behave in a compliant manner

Compliance guidelines at AEB

Code of Conduct

Anti-Corruption Guideline

At AEB SE, we attach great importance to complying with applicable laws and clarifying any possible irregularities. That’s why we have set up a whistleblower system.

If you are ever unsure whether a situation in which you find yourself is in line with the law and with the Code of Conduct and compliance guidelines of AEB SE, please let us know. This is the only way we can respond immediately and avert or minimize damage. The best course of action is for you to reach out directly and confidentially to your AEB SE contact so that a quick, direct solution can be found.

For those situations in which this direct channel does not seem possible, we have arranged for a specialized legal ombudsman to act as AEB SE’s internal reporting office. The legal ombudsman is happy to receive tips in confidence. You will need to provide your name and contact information to ensure that the ombudsman can get back to you with any questions, but if you wish, your identity will be protected and not disclosed to AEB SE.

We assure that each tip is carefully examined and that no one will be disadvantaged in any way for making a report. We trust that tips are given in good faith.

How to reach the AEB SE legal ombudsman

Compliance Officer, Legal Services
Stephan Rheinwald, attorney at law
Telemannstrasse 22
53173 Bonn, Germany

Phone: +49 228|3503 6291
Mobile: +49 171|772 2906
Fax: +49 228|3503 6292

Registered Attorney with the Cologne Bar Association (RAK)

Certificates and distinctions

Our Compliance Officer

Ulrich Lison
Ulrich Lison

Ulrich Lison

I have been involved with the topic of corporate compliance for quite some time now. That's why I took on the position of Compliance Officer at AEB in 2018.

Why I'm interested in compliance management: 

  • I believe a well-planned strategy can preclude serious consequences down the road.
  • I have been following changes in this field for many years, especially in the international arena.
  • I care about a responsible relationship with our employees, customers, and partners; and this is part of what compliance means to us here at AEB.

Beyond compliance management, my focus is on new business models and innovation. I also care a lot about bringing people together.

Questions about compliance at AEB?

Contact our Compliance Officer: cmplncbcm