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Space and time: how we design flexible work schedules. 


Flexibility and development

“I work 30 hours a week, or 75 percent. Simply because it allows me to have a better quality of life. I also took 4 weeks of unpaid leave in 2022 so that I could focus on my part-time applicant coaching business and visit my family. It was worth it!”

— Hannah


Being there for my family

“For me it’s 85 percent. My wife works three days, so I get the kids ready for daycare in the morning and sometimes pick them up and then take care of them in the afternoon. So my work schedule gives me exactly the flexibility I need. I’m on site in Mainz about once a week, and soon I’ll be going there with my new job bike.”

— Matthias


Jobs that complement each other

“After my second parental leave, I couldn’t imagine returning to a desk job at 75 percent. That’s why I decided to work outdoors in nature for a few hours a week. Now I work 60 percent at AEB and at a gardening company on the side. This combination turned out to be a great fit for me – the jobs complement each other well.”

— Susanne


Summer volunteering

“I use our annualized worktime model to save up overtime. This allows me to take off more time in the summer to volunteer at kids’ camps.” 

— Thomas

Questions? We’ve got answers.

What hardware can I choose from?
  • Laptops: HP and Microsoft
  • Headsets: Jabra and Sennheiser
  • Company cell phone: iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel
  • And of course mouse, keyboard, laptop bag, etc.
How often can I work from home?

We are very mindful of the needs of our communities and teams. That means that if a team needs everyone to be in the same room — for workshops, brainstorming, or team-building — then that’s part of your commitment to the team. But as a general rule, you can work from home as much as you need to work effectively.

Can I buy AEB shares?

We are employee-owned. That means that all shareholders are AEB employees. All permanent employees are given the opportunity to buy shares after two years with the company.

How is sustainability practiced at AEB?

No company exists in a vacuum. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to address our impact on the environment and society, are making our decisions based on the triad "ecological, social, economic". We are gradually implementing programs to ensure that we play a positive role in protecting the environment and creating a just society. We source our food sustainably, we’re mindful about how we book business travel – and much more. Click here for more details.

What will my work schedule look like?

Some areas such as support require you to be available at certain times. Teams work internally to coordinate who covers which shift. But essentially, you’ll work a schedule that works best for you. For orientation: a full-time position at AEB means 40 hours a week. But we offer nearly every conceivable part-time model and are always happy when our employees spend their non-working hours volunteering, trying new things, realizing their full potential, or raising the next generation.


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