Embargo checks for all types of embargoes

Embargoes do not only refer to prohibitions on exporting military goods to certain states (so-called arms embargoes). Depending on the objective of an embargo, measures may also affect other economic sectors or apply to individual political groups as well as individuals. Embargoes are generally economic sanctions that restrict or even completely prohibit global trade with affected states, groups, or individuals. 

Running embargo checks on the countries involved in your business transactions is an indispensable part of export controls – together with the screening of your business partners and checks on the nature of your goods as well their end-use at the customer. Different authorities around the world issue embargo regulations and country lists. These change frequently – in both the scope of embargoes and the countries they affect.

Observing worldwide embargoes with comprehensive embargo checks
Observing worldwide embargoes with comprehensive embargo checks

Observing worldwide embargoes with comprehensive embargo checks

AEB's Export Controls software automatically checks the country embargoes that are relevant to you in the background of your trade transactions without interrupting your daily business. This way, you protect your company from the serious consequences that violations of worldwide embargoes can result in. 

AEB offers an automated data service for the following jurisdictions to enable automated checks based on country lists for embargoes. It’s easy and convenient to add embargo checks tailored specifically to your company as well as any other embargo regulation worldwide for automated checks in your daily business.

EC Embargo Regulations

Country groups for full and partial embargoes

US Export Administration Regulations (US EAR)

Country groups for US EAR embargoes as per § 746 EAR

German Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance (AWV)

Country groups for arms embargoes in conjunction with goods as per Part I Section A of the Export Control List

Easy integration of Export Controls into your ERP system

System integration maximizes export control efficiency, increases security, and minimizes your risks.


With the Export Controls plug-in for SAP® you can check your transactions (e.g. sales, purchase, or service orders) for export restrictions and manage critical results directly in your SAP system. The AEB plug-in integrates smoothly and without modification in both ERP ECC® and SAP S/4HANA®.

Options for other ERP systems

Our programming interface (API) for Export Controls is available for integration into other ERP systems. This enables real-time checks for both individual transactions and large volumes of transactional data alike. Support is provided by our API documentation, test functions, and expert teams.

Nicole Mantei
Nicole Mantei

Nicole Mantei

AEB Product Expert for Export Controls