Military goods? Dual-use items? Checking and safely shipping all types of goods

Based on their technical characteristics, dual-use items are goods, software, and technology that can be used for civilian purposes as well as military applications. Multilateral control regimes maintain regularly updated product lists with goods subject to regulated proliferation. Member states of these regimes undertake to incorporate these lists into international and national product lists and embed them in relevant export control laws. At the national level, such product lists can be added to as deemed necessary. 

No matter what type of controlled items you manufacture, sell, transfer or export, AEB's Export Controls software checks whether your goods, software, and technology in conjunction with the involved countries, are subject to license requirements or prohibitions. And it stops your transactions before illegal business can be completed.

Automated checks
Checking goods attributes
Automatically checking international and national product lists including dual-use items

Automatically checking international and national product lists including dual-use items

AEB offers automated data services for the provision and update of the following official product lists including dual-use items:

  • EU product lists from Annex I, Annex II Section I and Annex IV of the EC Dual-Use Regulation
  • US product list of the Commerce Control List (CCL) in line with § 774 of the Export Administration Regulations (US EAR)
  • German export control list part I, sections A and B in line with regulations of the Foreign Trade and Payments Act (AWG) and the Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance (AWV)

Additional national and international product lists can be easily and conveniently integrated and automatically checked in AEB’s Export Controls software.

Checking goods attributes and material classifications for dual-use items and more

Checking goods attributes and material classifications for dual-use items and more

To allow for automated export control checks of your items, AEB’s Export Controls software requires relevant goods attributes. For example, the EU export control number, the US export control classification number (ECCN), the German export list number – and/or, depending on the jurisdiction you need to check, additional goods attributes. 

If you are working with a host system that does not let you store such data, you can save the required goods attributes directly in the material classifications of Export Controls. This way, the host system only needs to, for example, provide the material number and Export Controls then draws the goods attributes from its material classifications before the export control check. 

And if you need assistance with classifying your dual-use items or other controlled goods, AEB's Product Classification is there to help you. The intelligent software offers automated suggestions for both classifying your goods and assigning customs codes.

Easy integration of Export Controls into your ERP system

System integration maximizes export control efficiency, increases security, and minimizes your risks.


With the Export Controls plug-in for SAP® you can check your transactions (e.g. sales, purchase, or service orders) for export restrictions and manage critical results directly in your SAP system. The AEB plug-in integrates smoothly and without modification in both ERP ECC® and SAP S/4HANA®.

Options for other ERP systems

Our programming interface (API) for Export Controls is available for integration into other ERP systems. This enables real-time checks for both individual transactions and large volumes of transactional data alike. Support is provided by our API documentation, test functions, and expert teams.

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Nicole Mantei

Nicole Mantei

AEB Product Expert for Export Controls