News updates for export control experts and the trade compliance community

Few business environments are as dynamic as global trade. Changes and updates of relevant sanctions and export control laws and regulations are the order of the day. Our experts are keeping an eye on developments and summarize important news for you here.

Managing trade restrictions compliantly and efficiently with software

Not only trade restrictions are subject to constant changes. Also your company processes and products continue to evolve – including your master data, transactional data, and shipping processes. AEB’s software integrates all export control checks based on latest trade restrictions efficiently and flexibly into your company-specific workflows and ERP systems.

Maintaining your own product master data

Checking sanctions and embargoes against individuals

Evaluating risks in business transactions

Checking transactions based on legal provisions

Managing licenses and approving transactions

Automated export controls in action: AEB software case studies

Our customers across various industry sectors rely on secure business processes with AEB software. Learn more about how AEB solutions support companies in everyday business.

How and why trade compliance? Brief insights in films.

These short films deliver a first insight into how AEB solutions can support your business across different areas of deployment.

Always keeping an eye on all risks

Example for manual address screening

Added value with Dow Jones content

Compliance integrated into ERP systems