Your shortcut to digital collaboration with best-in-class customs agents

Customs Broker Integration

Your shortcut to digital collaboration with best-in-class customs agents

Finding reliable customs agents is important for your international growth. AEB has a network of trusted partner brokers who you can work with via our software. This allows you to automate your processes and collaborate with your customs agents in an easy and transparent way. Together, we will get your goods through customs quickly and efficiently. Take the shortest route to global trade success.

Get access to high-quality automated customs services at a competitive price

Pre-qualified customs agents in more than 20 countries

Our customs agents will make sure your goods get through customs quickly in countries around the globe. Whether you ship them by air, sea, or road.

Software for digital data exchange and collaboration

Manage and control all your customs agents and customs declarations efficiently with our Customs Broker Integration software.

Combine the expertise of customs agents with software from AEB – Your benefits:

Reliable and stable customs services

You can finally rest assured that your customs declarations are well taken care of. That's because we only invite the best service providers to join our network. Our trusted partner agents will deliver top-notch services and a stable performance, so you will not have to waste any more time and money on finding new partners and building new relationships.

One partner for all global trade processes

Skip the time-consuming and resource-heavy onboarding of new customs agents. We will be your only partner when it comes to contracting, technical integration, invoicing, etc. After your initial setup with us, establishing subsequent partnerships with other trusted customs agents in our international network will be effortless and quick. 

Less manual work and lower costs

Improve margins on your international trade by spending less on broker fees and digitizing manual work. We have negotiated very competitive prices that enable you to save up to 50% on normal rates. A highly automated data submission and validation process reduces human interaction and the risk of errors. This will result in further cost reductions.

“The AEB software system gives us visibility of all our customs declarations around the world, regardless of whether we’re self-filing or filing through a customs agent.”

Stephanie Schober, Adient


What quality requirements do your customs agents have to meet to join the network?

We carefully select our customs agent partners to ensure best-in-class services for our customers. Typically, our customs agent partners have accreditiation to demonstrate the quality of their services such as AEO certification or national equivalent and perhaps ISO certification. We expect them to be experts in their own national customs regulations and share our vision of building a modern ecosystem for global trade based on IT automation. They all have a proven track record of providing high-quality services across a wide range of ports, airports, modes of transport, and types of goods.

How long does it take to onboard your software system and start working with a customs agent?

The connection from your ERP (or other system) to AEB’s software system needs to be developed first as it is the key part of the data transfer and communication process. With our standard API, you can develop this connection quickly and easily. After this, the key task is testing. The majority of our customers are fully tested and ready to go with the API within 4-6 weeks.

What do we need to provide for your customs agents to do the declarations on behalf of us?

For your initial, one-time setup, we need to get the following in place:

  • Technical integration of your ERP system (or other system) with AEB’s system via our API to transmit data and documents electronically
  • Power of Attorney, so that the customs agent can act on behalf of your company
  • Arrangements for the payment of duties and taxes

In order to process your declarations, the customs agents require the following for your shipments:

  • Shipment data
  • Documents and permits - this may simply be the commercial invoice. However, depending on the country and type of goods, other documents may also be required such as veterinary certificates and health certificates
We ship goods that require special customs procedures. Can your customs agents handle this as well?

Many of our customs agents support special customs procedures and handling of special goods (e.g. dual-use, products of animal origin, phytosanitary). Get in touch with us to find out if our agents can support you with specific goods and procedures in a specific country.

We have outsourced the shipment of our goods to a logistics service provider. Can we still make use of your customs agents and ecosystem?

Yes. What’s important for us is to have access to all required data and since we would have a direct connection with you, that should be no problem.

Customs Broker Integration provides access to all AEB’s customs agents partners. Additionally, you can connect your own customs agents to our software using the API.

How does using Customs Broker Integration help my agent?

The greatest benefit to customs agents is that they no longer need to enter your data manually into their customs systems. This makes the entire process digital and therefore more efficient. Customs Broker Integration enables customs agents to receive the necessary data directly into their own customs systems.

How can I check the progress of a customs declaration?

Customs Broker Integration lets you see the progress and status of any customs declaration (e.g. sent, accepted, released, completed), so you will always know where you stand. This data is made available by the customs agents who then update the status of the declaration at each step in the customs declaration process.

Do we need to set up a separate interface for each agent?

No, that’s not necessary. Customs Broker Integration is a centralized software system that provides access to all AEB’s customs agent partners via a single, standardized interface. Simply transfer the data from your ERP system to Customs Broker Integration and we automatically transfer it to the relevant customs agent for them to process the declaration.

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