Software from AEB sets new standards for working with customs brokers

Customs Broker Integration

Software from AEB sets new standards for working with customs brokers

Collaborate with your customs brokers and customs systems around the world. Customs Broker Integration software from AEB makes it seamless.

You know what you send. Your customs brokers know how. The software automates the process.

Automated and integrated

Work completely digitally: Integrated via API or within your ERP system, Customs Broker Integration transmits all relevant data automatically to your customs broker. The end result is a seamless process with fewer steps, fewer errors, and more transparency.

All documents accessible in one place

Customs Broker Integration is not a one-way street: Your customs broker makes all critical documents available to you, linked directly to the transaction. It’s all right there in your customs system, ready to use in all downstream processes, also for auditing purposes.

One software for all of your customs processes

Whether direct filing or filing via a broker: Manage all of your customs declarations in one software. Customs Broker Integration helps you to keep an overview of all processes and their statuses.

Save time and costs

Say goodbye to manual processes with Customs Broker Integration: Speed up your communication and data transfer. The more data you prefill and submit to your customs broker, the less you pay.

Overview of features

Customs Broker Integration includes a range of useful features to automate your processes and make communication with your brokers easy and transparent.

Automatic data exchange with customs brokers via API

Use one single API to exchange all the necessary data with your customs brokers, independently of the number of customs processes and customs brokers. You decide about the degree of automation. Data from the brokers, such as the status of a customs declaration, will also be synchronized back automatically.

Automatic data enrichment based on templates

Complement your data via the (automatic) application of templates if data is missing for specific countries or processes. Initialize dynamic and variable values in each customs declaration.

Interaction with customs brokers via the application

Communicate with your customs brokers directly via the system, for example about cancellations and customs inspections. Of course, it’s also possible to define email notifications for such scenarios.

Overview of statuses, events, and documents

Keep an overview of all information relating to your broker instructions. You will see declaration details, status and event updates in real-time as well as available documents such as EAD or tax assessment.

Multiple customs declarations from one broker instruction

In case a broker has to create more than one declaration based on your broker instruction data, you will see all declarations linked to the broker instruction including their separate statuses and events.

Integration in SAP and other host systems

With either a dedicated plug-in for SAP or using an API, integrate Customs Broker Integration into your host system. This allows you to use data from your host system to generate broker instructions from consignments.

Pre-qualified customs brokers in more than 20 countries

Our customs brokers will make sure your goods get through customs quickly in countries around the globe. Whether you ship them by air, sea, or road.

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