Customs Broker Integration

Your network of reliable customs brokers for global customs clearance

Whether by air, sea, or road. Whether in containers, on pallets, or as a parcel. With AEB's trusted customs brokers, your goods will clear customs in compliance with all applicable regulations. For all of the most important trade lanes worldwide.

Our customs broker partners

  • Bongers Expeditie B.V.
  • ChannelPorts Ltd.
  • CustomsLink Ltd
  • Customs Wise
  • Kerry EAS Logistics
  • Logent Customs
  • Maitsa Customs Brokerage
  • MS Direct AG
  • Nord Ovest S.p.A.
  • Portmade
  • PST CLC a.s.
  • Rusak Business Services
  • SA-TU Logistics Oy
  • TullXperten Sverige AB
  • UNSPED Customs Consultancy
  • zoll.ution GmbH
  • Zoll Plus

Why you can trust our customs brokers

Customs expertise

All of the customs brokers in our network are experts on national customs regulations. They keep track of regulatory changes and are available to provide support and advice.

Wide range of services

Our customs brokers provide a high level of service coverage in the country of service (ports, airports, etc.). They also cover the most common customs procedures.

Digital ecosystem

AEB’s vision is to bring collaboration between customers and customs brokers to the next level. The customs brokers in our network work passionately towards this vision as well.

Bring your own broker

Do you already work with a customs broker you trust, but cannot find them in our list? We are happy for you to bring them along. Simply contact us.

Software for digital data exchange and collaboration

Manage and control all your customs agents and customs declarations efficiently with our Customs Broker Integration software.

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