freight cost management with AEB transport management software
freight cost management with AEB transport management software

Transport management software

Digital freight settlement: from purchasing to billing

Bring efficiency and visibility to your freight settlement and manage costs with AEB software. Take care of all your end-to-end processes digitally - from freight tenders, purchasing, and freight rate management with transport partners to invoice auditing, settlement, and billing. Minimize errors by reducing manual data entry and checking your input with algorithms.

Freight procurement simplified

The volatility of freight rates and the difficulty in forecasting capacities are among the greatest challenges in freight settlement and management. Demand is also growing for sourcing strategies with a greater focus on sustainability and reliability. What’s needed are long-term, collaborative partnerships with transport service providers coupled with flexible decision-making processes. AEB software helps you address these very challenges, enabling end-to-end digital procurement strategies on the spot market and when managing calls for bids or tenders.

  • Spot market: Get quotes, compare rates, and award contracts with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Tender management:Automate your calls for freight tenders and apply templates for standardized, easy-to-compare quotes

Flexible rate management, freight cost calculation and freight settlement

  • Collect and manage freight rates in any format
  • Apply calculation types like weight-based calculation and other parameters and factors such as diesel surcharges, tolls, handling costs, and surcharges for packaging, load devices, and hazardous goods
  • Map even complex calculation schemes and multidimensional rate structures
  • Automate freight cost calculation for shipments based on defined rates and shipping data from shipping or ERP systems
  • Generate cost data quickly for customer freight costs and (automated) carrier selection

Simulations and analyses for enhanced visibility

AEB software helps you make good decisions based on solid, data-driven insights. Prepare calls for tenders quickly and easily, and compare and evaluate rates and tenders from various carriers and parcel services. Or analyze how your freight costs will change if you switch sites, reassign orders, or change the transport or service type. It’s also the ideal tool for negotiations with your transport partners.

Extensive business intelligence and evaluation options mean you always have the big picture on actual freight costs and can run detailed analyses by material, cost center, etc.

Manage freight invoices efficiently with digital freight audit

Use AEB software to easily monitor incoming carrier invoices. This helps minimize the effort of checking invoices, reduce errors, and identify potential savings.

  • Easily import incoming invoices through a web service or CSV file import interface, with a manual entry option as well
  • Check the calculated freight costs against the amounts actually invoiced by the carrier - item by item
  • Reject invoices (if major differences are found) or accept differences (if minor)

Automated and accelerated payment for freight settlement

  • Receive and process electronic invoices from your business partners in EDI and other formats
  • Automate account assignment and cost allocation/booking, including cumulation on invoices
  • Initiate payment transactions in financial system

Easy integration into your existing system environment

For the maximum possible efficiency and automation benefit, use Freight Cost Management as part of an AEB transport management system or integrated into operational systems such as ERP, shipping, or WMS solutions. State-of-the-art APIs make it easy to integrate seamlessly into your system environment.

Freight settlement and cost management as part of AEB Cloud transport management

You can easily integrate our freight cost management software into your existing system environment. Or better yet: Use them as part of a comprehensive AEB transport management system tailored to your precise needs that largely automates your processes.

Your first step to flexible, efficient transportation management is simple

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Ted Roth - AEB-Experte für Transport Management Systems
Ted Roth - AEB-Experte für Transport Management Systems

Ted Roth

Markus Eichhorn - AEB-Experte für Transport Management Systems
Markus Eichhorn - AEB-Experte für Transport Management Systems

Markus Eichhorn

Bulcsu Karsa - AEB-Experte für Transport Management Systems
Bulcsu Karsa - AEB-Experte für Transport Management Systems

Bulcsu Karsa