Product Classification Exchange software features at a glance

In the stress of everyday business, it’s a great challenge for many companies to apply for export licenses from the national authorities, then assign them to the correct shipments, and accurately decrement their use. AEB's License Management software makes it easy for you.

Empowering your suppliers to deliver export control classification for your materials

You can consult datasheets, drawings, and other technical documentation to find the proper classification on the domestic product list for the parts and goods that you ship. But will you recognize when you’re using US goods or goods of US origin subject to the worldwide reach of US (re-)export controls? Don’t take unnecessary risks! 

Product Classification Exchange lets you request a complete, automated, electronic “supplier's declaration of the export control status of goods” directly from your suppliers. Save your precious export control specialists for better things and avoid the kinds of mistakes that arise from misunderstandings, disruptions in the digital data flow, and input errors.

Conveniently maintaining relevant data from your suppliers directly in the portal

See how simple Product Classification Exchange really is: Transactions requiring classification are first transmitted from your company’s host systems to Product Classification Exchange. If a valid classification from the past 12 months is already available, it is reported back to your host system.

If not, you can send an email asking the supplier to submit a declaration for the products in question on the Product Classification Exchange supplier portal. The supplier just clicks on the link in the email and enters the necessary data in the user-friendly interface. An especially convenient feature: For future requests, the supplier’s information is already filled in. If nothing has changed, the supplier can confirm the declaration with just a few clicks.

Benefiting from transparency across the entire workflow with seamless documentation

Make sure you always know which classifications you’ve already requested from your suppliers – and which suppliers you need to remind to provide pending information. The overviews have been optimized to real-world conditions and serve as worklists to support your day-to-day work. The result is complete visibility. You can even see in the declaration itself whether the supplier has already begun entering data.

For even better security standards, you can require that the four-eye principle be applied to approve classifications. The workflow in Product Classification Exchange is also seamlessly documented, of course – a big help the next time you face a customs audit.

Using it anywhere: export control classification for global players

Product Classification Exchange from AEB keeps you on the safe side of global export controls when it comes to classifying your goods. US (re-)export controls claim extraterritorial applicability in the trade of US goods. This makes the classification of such goods under US regulations an especially important element of export control compliance. 

Another popular option: Product Classification Exchange lets you integrate your own classification catalogs or those of major data content providers. This lets you query your country’s dual-use lists and munitions classification lists as a preliminary selection for your suppliers.

Product Classification Exchange makes things easy

Seamless ERP-integration

Product Classification Exchange can be integrated into any ERP system through a web service interface. So not only can you import data, you can also back-synchronize approved supplier's declarations. This leaves your in-house specialists free to focus on more important things.

Easy upload of offline forms

Do some of your suppliers still prefer working with Excel spreadsheets? No problem! Product Classification Exchange also supports the upload of system-generated Excel spreadsheets. The form provides suppliers with helpful suggestions and highlights required fields.

Customers already mastering trade compliance management with AEB

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Manuela Pitroff, Product Expert, AEB
Manuela Pitroff, Product Expert, AEB

Manuela Pitroff

AEB Product Expert for Product Classification Exchange