Step by step back to the new normal: AEB and the COVID-19 pandemic
AEB corporate update

Step by step back to the new normal: AEB and the COVID-19 pandemic

There are still no COVID-19-related restrictions to AEB software, services, and support. But here’s an update with an overview of the current situation and an outlook based on latest measures.

Germany is slowly reopening. The gradual lifting of the restrictions in everyday and economic life means the country is on the way to a "new normal", which is characterized by rules of distancing and a more conscious approach to hygiene. With its head office in Stuttgart, AEB is also following this path. We act calmly and gradually approach normality – under constant observation and analysis of the situation. 

Level-headed and at the same time decisive behavior also characterized the emergency plan and the measures taken, which helped AEB get through the past weeks well and safely. Business operations continued uninterrupted, and there were no restrictions on software, services, or support. Only events, meetings, and trainings had to be held online instead of in person. This also worked perfectly.

On-site visits are possible again, but …

Over the course of the past weeks, during which all appointments were held remotely, we also learned that there are situations in which it is more effective to meet in person. For example, when developing concepts together or if it is more difficult to find consensus and solutions. At AEB, we are now once again able to attend such meetings in person – whether at AEB's corporate headquarters and other locations or at customers' and partners' premises. 

However: We continue to prefer remote appointments to on-site meetings. This applies not only to meetings, but also to trainings, seminars, and other events.

If it is necessary or makes more sense to be present in person, distancing and hygiene rules in line with regional guidelines must be observed and appropriate ventilation must be provided. And: It is still at AEB employees’ discretion to decide for themselves whether they wish to attend an on-site appointment. If this is not the case, they will be represented by an AEB colleague.

Still a matter of course: Good hygiene practices

All AEB employees have been informed about personal hygiene measures and recommended behavior. In addition, all colleagues who take part in on-site meetings or work in the AEB offices strictly adhere to the hygiene measures recommended by official bodies. This includes behavioral measures in the following scenarios:

  • If an infection is suspected: When typical symptoms such as fever, dry cough etc. occur, employees are to stay at home.
  • If the symptoms are serious, employees are asked to inform AEB, contact their family doctor, and work in the home office for at least the next 14 days.
  • Anyone who was in contact with people who are proven to be infected with coronavirus will work from their home office for at least 14 days. Affected employees will inform AEB.

Both at AEB headquarters and its branch offices, we have introduced measures to ensure compliance with hygiene and distancing rules.

To provide additional safety, the teams of our canteen and housekeeping have sewed face masks for their colleagues in AEB corporate or other colors – what a nice gesture!

An economically stable position

AEB is also navigating the crisis with a stable economic perspective. Of course, the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have not passed us by without leaving their mark and some projects and orders have been postponed by our customers. However, thanks to a high level of orders on hand and a customer mix in which many companies have a great need for IT support in logistics and global trade even or especially now (such as in the medical technology and grocery retail sectors), we are currently seeing stable revenue. We expect this to continue in the coming weeks and months. 

Even more important than the short-term situation: AEB is also well positioned financially in the medium and long term. The fact that AEB is employee-owned, that we own our corporate headquarters, and that we have always managed our business in a solid and forward-looking manner is particularly helpful in the current situation. We are therefore confident, stable, and well positioned to master the Coronavirus crisis and its economic effects. 

COVID-19: Health protection is a top priority

The current situation in the midst of the coronavirus crisis poses great challenges for all parties involved. For AEB SE, protecting the health of each individual is a top priority. Our actions are based on the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute, the regulations of the respective federal states, and applicable country regulations in other AEB markets. In line with official easing of lockdown measures by region, appointments still should, if possible, be held remotely. If this is not feasible, we ask for the following for confirmed visits and seminars on-site at our customers and other partners such as training providers:

  • Participation is not possible if symptoms of respiratory diseases are present.
  • Compliance with the general hygiene recommendations, in particular those of the Robert Koch Institute. This includes hand hygiene and regular disinfection of surfaces as well as good ventilation of all rooms.
  • The host ensures that during the meetings, workshops,... a minimum distance of 1.5 m between the participants can be kept during the event and also during the breaks. For appointments lasting longer than 2 hours (especially seminars and trainings), a distance of 2 m should be kept.
  • The number of participants depends on the room size. An amplification system is recommended for larger rooms.
  • At seminars, the trainer speaks from behind a plexiglass screen (set up in the room or visor) or keeps a minimum distance of at least 3 m from the participants.
  • Following an appointment, it should be possible to trace who attended.