Export control software for all involved areas of your business

Export control software is indispensable for keeping an eye on all involved areas, acting in compliance with applicable laws, minimizing risks, and providing required proofs for audits.

Compliance Screening

  • National and international sanctions lists and restricted party lists
  • Online checks on demand or fully automated compliance screening
  • Protection and transparency through digital audit trail
  • Daily updated sanctions lists for reliable business partner screening
  • Extended content for comprehensive due diligence by Dow Jones

Export Controls

  • Screening against worldwide embargo lists and license requirements
  • Easy definition of company-specific restrictions
  • Screening of business transactions in the background
  • Online checks on demand or fully automated screening
  • Full records of checks for audits
  • Easy integration into SAP® and other ERP systems

License Management

  • All types of licenses and management worldwide
  • Seamless documentation of license usage and requests
  • Active monitoring of validity, decrements, and preconditions
  • Reporting of license usage to licensing authorities
  • Easy integration into SAP® or other ERP systems

Risk Assessment

  • Creating own questionnaires for risk assessment and end-use checks
  • Optional screening against sanctions lists and embargoes
  • Questions for general trade risks and country-specific checks
  • Digital audit trails for all checklists and questionnaires
  • Convenient search options for completed questionnaires
  • Consolidated data and results of questionnaires in PDF documents

Export control software from AEB: Fully aligned with your business processes

Your company’s processes and products are individual – including your master data, transactional data, and shipping processes. The export control software from AEB integrates all export control checks efficiently and flexibly into your company-specific workflows and ERP systems.

Maintaining your own product master data

Checking sanctions and embargoes against individuals

Evaluating risks in business transactions

Checking transactions based on legal provisions

Managing licenses and approving transactions

End-to-end export control software from AEB

Working with AEB’s export control software from the Trade Compliance Management portfolio is straightforward and efficient. You can use the solutions individually or combine them in an end-to-end approach.