Online access to compliance processes

Convenient management of business partner screening, EU and US export control regulations and license requirements with AEB’s COMPLIANCE||XPRESS. This “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) application is hosted in AEB’s certified computer center and offers businesses remote access to ensure global trade compliance. Learn more and join 5,000 AEB customers in benefitting from AEB’s SERIES||XPRESS.


 Software-as-a-service for global trade compliance


COMPLIANCEllXPRESS is AEB‘s certified online solution for automated sanction list screening and export controls. It lets businesses run comprehensive checks on business partners and for national embargoes, goods-specific licensing requirements and end-use. Alongside United Nations embargoes there are EU regulations such as the Dual-Use Regulation plus national export bans and restrictions. With national and international legislation subject to frequent changes and updates, it’s not easy to make sure you’re always “playing by the rules” – complying with all export restrictions and anti-terrorism regulations.

Saving time and costs with COMPLIANCEllXPRESS.

COMPLIANCEllXPRESS leverages the savings effects of today’s on-demand solutions, offering uniquely simple technical support to meet the organizational needs of small and medium enterprises. AEB shoulders the investments in screening technology, maintains the software, provides the hardware and ensures the data is up to date. All you need to worry about is your standard obligations of securing and documenting your processes.

Legislation check and check-log

The security of AEB’s computer center has even been officially confirmed through ISO 27001 certification. Global trade data is transmitted to the AEB computer center through an encrypted connection and then checked against the latest version of the applicable legislation. The results are returned to you in the form of a check log. This way, you are able to document the screening process and refer back to the results, even years later.


 Automatically run the following checks with COMPLIANCE||XPRESS:


Country embargoes?
Check the countries of the buyer, consignee and destination: Is a total, partial or arms embargo in effect?


Critical goods?
Do my goods require a license? Do my goods fall under the Dual-Use Regulation or national restrictions?


Critical end-use?
Is the intended end-use permissible?


Critical end user?
Is my business partner named on a sanctions list?


Subject to U.S. law?
Do U.S. re-export restrictions (EAR) apply?


 All about the XPRESS products

Flyer Compliance XpressOur brochure provides everything you want to know about COMPLIANCE||XPRESS.


 Questions about COMPLIANCE||XPRESS?

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