Brexit Tool Kit for Traders

Change has always dominated global trade. But the recent pace and scope call for action.  

Future-proofing your trade processes is vital now. This means getting ready for any global trade change – not just Brexit.

Guide for Traders: UK Customs 

Recent official letters to UK businesses trading exclusively with the EU emphasize that there is much to do in case of a no-deal Brexit. AEB’s guide offers step-by-step guidance for traders to kick off. 

Study UK Brexit Conference
Study UK Brexit Conference

Brexit Survey: Results & Plan

Get assessments of business leaders across 10 industry sectors on risks, challenges, investments, and opportunities in global trade under Brexit. And an action plan template to prepare your business.  

Brexit Views: Expert Articles

Brexit – facts, fiction, and impacts on GTM
All eyes were on the UK before the EU referendum in June 2016. What would Britain’s exit from the European Union (widely called “Brexit”) mean for global trade management?
UK warns on Brexit
A top official in the UK’s revenue and customs office sent a letter to about 145,000 select UK companies explaining what they would need to do if a 'no deal' Brexit unfolds.
Brexit news, reflections, and options
What is the state of things – and minds – in the UK three months after the Brexit vote? News, possible scenarios, and what the business community is up to.
Managing for Brexit
It has become the stuff of political football but don't let Brexit's fumbles leave you short of the goal line. AEB's top experts in the UK tell you exactly what to do right now.
Catastrophe looms if IT is not ready for Brexit
The UK Parliament published the report “Brexit and the Future of Customs”. It focuses on the UK customs system transition from CHIEF to CDS. Are you ready?
Brexit feeds skilled worker crisis
What makes the UK an attractive workplace? Why do we face a skilled labour crisis in global trade and logistics? Latest Brexit research and tangible tips.
Brexit survey results and action plan template
Risks, challenges, investments, and opportunities under Brexit. Plus: an action plan for measures across the business to prepare global trade operations.
Brexit survey results: UK business pulse
Over 60 delegates across industry sectors were asked to assess their greatest risks, challenges, and opportunities in light of Brexit developments. Find out what they said.
Time of change brings time for action
While negotiations continue, uncertainty remains about movements of people, goods, and services in and out of the UK. Keep ahead of the pack in our latest Brexit update.
Digitizing for SCM success
Automotive supply chains are under pressure as customer demands and regulation drive transformation. Will this mean border delays? Here's how to keep things rolling.
Navigating Brexit
Hard Brexit or soft Brexit, change is coming to how companies in the Netherlands trade with the United Kingdom. One of our leading experts gives you some insights on how to prepare for the journey ahead.
EU and Singapore ink a deal
The trading partners recently signed a free trade and investments protection pact that is widely expected to be a major boost for all involved.
Navigating global trade
Between Trump, Iran and Brexit, the business of global trade has become an volatile place. Our Mark Brannan tells you how to ensure smooth sailing.
More than Brexit: UK innovation highlights
Get the latest on Brexit and what businesses can do. And a glance at dark stores and technology advances fuelling logistics trends in the UK.
Full steam ahead in the Netherlands
A new survey shows exporters in the Netherlands full of confidence in their business environment and vieing current changes in the UK as a growth opportunity.
Building a smarter border
Hard Brexit or no Brexit, the future of borders between European states and elsewhere are likely headed for a major shift toward higher technologies.
UK sanctions: Report on first Brexit bill
The UK House of Lords published its report on the new UK Sanctions and Anti-Money-Laundering Bill (HL). This Brexit bill is a timely reminder for traders to get prepared..
UK inquiry: Sanctions policy after Brexit
The UK House of Lords EU External Affairs Sub-Committee is looking into the UK sanctions policy to explore what key issues might arise in light of Brexit.
Customs under a no-deal Brexit
New government papers hit the business community and forecast more red tape, more costs for customs processes and new details on imports and exports in case of a no-deal Brexit. What’s your best move?

Mastering Changes: IT Solutions

Self-Filing Export Declarations

Take control: AEB’s Export Filing fits all your needs with cloud services, ERP integration, scalable models, and more. Avoid border delays while ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Self-Filing Import Declarations

AEB’s Import Filing guides you through the entire process of declaring your imports – while accelerating workflows, generating transactional savings, and keeping you safe during customs audits.

Customs Broker Integration

Outsourcing customs management to a service provider can be the right choice for your business. But integration is key to save costs, mitigate risks, and speed up processes.

Not sure where to start? Our teams are here to help. 

Mark Brannan
Mark Brannan
Mark Brannan, Business Development

Mark Brannan

International Business
Development Director

Geoff Taylor
Geoff Taylor
Geoff Taylor, GM UK

Geoff Taylor 

General Manager
United Kingdom

Richard Groenendijk
Richard Groenendijk
Richard Groenendijk, GM NL

Richard Groenendijk 

General Manager

Ted Roth
Ted Roth
Ted Roth, GM SE

Ted Roth

General Manager

Ingo Strasser
Ingo Strasser
Ingo Strasse, GM CH

Ingo Strasser 

General Manager

Carsten Bente
Carsten Bente
Carsten Bente, Customs Expert

Carsten Bente 

Product Expert
Customs Management

Brexit Tool Kit Conference:
Practical Solutions for Businesses

London, December 4, 2018

The first Brexit event for traders right after the EU and UK negotiation milestone end of November. What do latest developments mean for your business and trade operation? How can you compensate for additional costs and more red tape in the supply chain? This event gets down to business with a high-class key note on the future of trade and four interactive business sequences.

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