Supplier Declaration Exchange: Supplier's declarations accelerated

If you wish to take advantage of customs preferences from free trade agreements, you need to document the originating status of the goods you use, and this includes (long-term) supplier’s declarations. Sometimes, it’s just your customer who needs an LTSD as a proof of origin. Requesting, organizing, integrating, and (when asked by customers) issuing these declarations is often so much trouble that some companies never even bother taking advantage of customs preferences or proofs of origin – thereby missing out on sales opportunities.

Supplier Declaration Exchange makes it much easier to obtain and organize supplier’s declarations.

From GBP 92 / month

Electronic request and processing of supplier's declarations (SDs, LTSDs)

Self-explanatory tips for creating SDs/LTSDs

Automated deadline monitoring and reminders

Legal protections through data update service from AEB

Easy integration into your IT environment

Efficient standalone solution for small and medium-sized businesses

Request or complete supplier's declarations (SDs, LTSDs) electronically

Normally, when you request an SD/LTSD, you first have to tell the supplier which shipments the declaration should cover. This is a common source of errors. Not with Supplier Declaration Exchange, however.

A list of shipments requiring proofs is first obtained from your company’s host systems and transmitted to the supplier portal. The supplier then receives an email request to issue an LTSD for the corresponding items. The email contains a link to the portal, where a wizard helps the supplier easily input all the relevant data. This self-contained process cuts down on the high administrative overhead and error rate that would otherwise arise again and again through misunderstandings and disruptions in the digital data flow.
The software is just as helpful when the tables are turned and your customers need supplier's declarations from you.

Request or issue supplier’s declarations (SDs, LTSDs) electronically

Convenient for you and your suppliers: create SDs/LTSDs directly in the portal

Convenient for you and your suppliers: complete SDs/LTSDs directly in the portal

Your supplier can input the necessary data for the SD/LTSD through the portal’s self-explanatory interface. The data can also be uploaded through an Excel spreadsheet or batch process. A wizard guides the supplier and ensures that the entries are in the legally required format.

An especially convenient feature for you (and your suppliers): Historical data remains available in the system. So if nothing changes, the supplier can simply confirm the LTSD. Suppliers can just as easily visit the portal to view the LTSDs they have issued and revoke them if necessary. In short: The process is faster and more efficient for both you and your suppliers. And if you issue supplier's declarations for your customers, you profit from the convenient solution on that end as well.

Automatic deadline monitoring and reminders

Sometimes a supplier forgets to issue the SD/LTSD that you have requested. This means extra work for your employees, since they need to monitor deadlines manually and chase down the declaration with phone calls.

Not with Supplier Declaration Exchange: The software automatically issues multiple reminders to suppliers.

Automatic deadline monitoring and reminders

Legal protections through data update service from AEB

Preferential agreements are also subject to changes. The AEB data service makes sure you’re always using the latest data, so you don’t have to worry about running into legal problems.

Easy integration into your IT environment

For everyone already using Origin & Preferences from AEB, Supplier Declaration Exchange is available as a practical add-on. This makes installation a snap. The add-on can be installed as a web service or connected to any other host system with just a few clicks. And the portal can also be adapted to your corporate design.

You always have the option to not only transfer your legacy data but also sync the released supplier’s declaration (SDs/LTSDs) afterward.

Easy integration into your IT environment

Greater efficiency for small and medium-sized businesses

Greater efficiency for small and medium-sized businesses

Supplier Declaration Exchange is a great benefit to large enterprises with lengthy LTSDs, of course, but it’s also useful as a standalone solution for small and medium-sized businesses with a modest volume of SDs/LTSDs. Smaller companies and suppliers can significantly reduce their manual overhead by easily importing material and supplier data from Excel spreadsheets.

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Clear and simple: our cloud solution pricing models


From GBP 92/month 

plus setup fee

250 proofs/year
GBP 2.82 for each additional proof


From GBP 356/month

plus setup fee

2,500 proofs/year
GBP 1.59 for each additional proof


From GBP 1,843/month

plus setup fee

25,000 proofs/year
GBP 0.88 for each additional proof

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Can Supplier Declaration Exchange also be linked directly to our ERP host system?

You can run Supplier Declaration Exchange as follows:

  • Without any connection to a host system, you can use file interfaces for materials and suppliers or enter master data manually.
  • Link to any host system – including an ERP system, if you use the ERP system to determine the materials for which you wish to request (long-term) supplier’s declarations.
  • Use Origin & Preferences from AEB as the host system. The advantage here is that the system can constantly sync with your received goods to identify all the materials for which you need to request a supplier’s declaration.

Do I need to send suppliers a separate notification that the supplier’s declaration must be submitted?

No. Your supplier is notified by email that you need a long-term supplier’s declaration. The email directs the supplier right to the online declaration form. You can largely automate this process and have follow-up reminders sent automatically.

How will my suppliers know that this is a serious request to submit a long-term supplier’s declaration?

Ideally, you should notify your suppliers in advance about this new method for sending requests. But regardless of that, you can also customize the Supplier Declaration Exchange, where suppliers log in, by adding your logo and the colors of your corporate design.

What does my supplier need to issue the (long-term) supplier’s declaration?

All your supplier needs is a current browser, the URL of your Supplier Declaration Exchange portal, and the assigned login data. Your supplier can issue the (long-term) supplier’s declarations directly in the application.

Does my supplier need to register anywhere?

No. Your supplier does not need to register, only to verify by clicking on an email confirmation. The verification can be customized to meet the customer’s security needs.

Does my supplier need to input everything manually?

No. Suppliers have the convenience of using either a batch process or downloading the request as an Excel spreadsheet and entering the required information there.

Can my suppliers see their own LTSDs?

Yes, of course! Suppliers can access the portal at any time to view the supplier’s declarations that they have issued. They can even revoke all their declarations or those for specific materials if necessary.

Geoff Taylor Managing Director UK

Geoff Taylor

Managing Director UK

"Managing supplier's declarations can be a great hassle – so my customers tell me. Requests, releases, administration, delays, incomplete records – they face all kinds of challenges. Our solution organises and simplifies the process."