Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about Risk Assessment from AEB.

How do other companies compile this type of questionnaire? Does AEB offer best-practice questionnaires and checklists that we can use as templates?

We’ll be happy to provide you with sample questionnaires and checklists.

Which restricted party lists and embargo countries does Risk Assessment check?

This is something you can define. We recommend screening at least against the EU’s CFSP List. You can add all the restricted party lists that AEB either offers in its own library or makes available through content partners, and you can create and link your own lists. You can also decide which countries to screen against in the embargo check.

Does Risk Assessment only allow the use of pre-defined questionnaires and checklists, or can I customize my own versions or create entirely new questionnaires?

You can design your own questions and questionnaires / checklists to address your own unique scenarios – without any additional licensing fees.

Cordelia Martin and Mark Brannan

Cordelia Martin and Mark Brannan

International Business Development

“Risk Assessment gives your managers the information they need all in one place. Keeping your company safe has never been easier.”