Good risk assessment relies on excellent communication

Good trade compliance management starts already in the sales process or when onboarding new suppliers. But in everyday business, communication between the specialist departments and those responsible for export controls and compliance often falls by the wayside. 

Self-knitted processes are cumbersome and time-intensive – for example, checking critical end-use with the help of checklists in Word or Excel. Just put an end to this! With Risk Assessment from AEB, teams like sales, procurement, shipping, and compliance work hand in hand: automated, reliably and transparently.

That's what our customers say: 

''For me, Risk Assessment is a great solution to manage business partner screening and end-use checks across the entire company securely, efficiently, and transparently.''

Osram setzt Risk Assessment für die Partner- und Endverwendungsprüfung in der Exportkontrolle ein

Andrea Dites, Head of Export Control Governance OSRAM

Green light or 'Red flags'

Making sure that checks for critical end-use or other red flags are efficiently integrated in your export control programs.

Riskante Aufträge rechtzeitig stoppen

Stopping risky transactions on time

The compliance manager determines which transactions should be stopped until a risk assessment is available. This even works when you are on vacation.

Spaß an Compliance durch Akzeptanz im Vertrieb

Trade compliance can be fun for everyone

Make life easier for sales, procurement and other teams – with a modern and convenient software tool where questionnaires can be completed in a few clicks. 

Jederzeit auskunftsfähig durch digitaler Audit Trail

Digital audit trail delivers full transparency

Global trade audits or queries from management? No problem:  Central record-storing and convenient search functions have got you covered and save you time. 

Entspannt in den Urlaub/Digitale Urlaubsvertretung

Secure processes across your systems

Clever ERP integration, for example with SAP ®, empowers secure processes across your systems. Data from previous systems is used to pre-fill checklists. 

Export controls from A to Z

Pflege von Stammdaten

Maintaining master data

Prüfung von personenbedingten Embargos

Checking embargoes against individuals

Risikobewertung von Geschäftsvorgängen

Evaluating risks in business transactions

Prüfungen von Geschäftsvorgängen auf Grund von gesetzlichen Vorgaben

Checking business transactions based on legal provisions

Freigabe von Geschäftsvorgängen auf Grund von Prüfungen

Managing licenses and approving transactions

Maintaining master data

Checking embargoes against individuals

Evaluating risks in business transactions

Checking business transactions based on legal provisions

Managing licenses and approving transactions

Issuing customs declarations with data from export controls