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From GBP 495/month 

plus setup fee and costs for content services

5,000 materials/year
GBP 0.65 for each additional material


From GBP 1,710/month

plus setup fee and costs for content services

50,000 materials/year
GBP 0.15 for each additional material


From GBP 4,500/month

plus setup fee and costs for content services

500,000 materials/year
GBP 0.11 for each additional material

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to restart the classification process from the beginning each year after the Combined Nomenclature is updated?

No, you do not need to restart the classification work each year. Product Classification has a year-end update feature to automatically reassign all the unambiguous new commodity codes for the next year. A preview feature lets you check the classification, of course. In the case of ambiguities, you are prompted with the possible commodity codes. Then, simply select the correct one.

Does Product Classification need to be connected to a host system?

No. You can also use Product Classification without connecting to a host system (ERP, etc.). It’s helpful to have Product Classification automatically exchange data with your host system, but of course you also have the option of using a CSV file to export the data to your host system, where your team can work on it before importing it back to Product Classification.

Can Product Classification accommodate verification by second party?

Product Classification lets you first assign the correct export/import commodity code and export control number, then insert a subsequent approval step – for each material individually or for multiple materials simultaneously.

Geoff Taylor Managing Director UK

Geoff Taylor

Managing Director UK

"Most of the businesses I speak to are not even aware that software tools are available to support the cumbersome process of product classification. They are pleasantly surprised about what our tool with its self-learning algorithm can do for their business."