Import Filing: ATLAS/IMPOST – Clear your imports through German customs the easy way

You can hire a service provider to clear your imports through customs – or you can keep your money and insource the expertise using Import Filing: ATLAS from AEB. Import Filing: ATLAS walks you through the entire process of declaring your German imports.

From GBP 92 / month

Certified by customs: the AEB software for ATLAS Import and ATLAS IMPOST

With the customs-certified software for ATLAS Import and ATLAS IMPOST, you can send your import declarations to German customs automatically for both low value and high value consignments. The customs office’s system will reply with the status of your import declaration in your customs software, for example, in the case of error messages, requests for a customs examination, non-releases, etc.
You can easily print out and review documents such as the assessment of duties and taxes, the findings of the customs authorities, or the customs declaration data.
Import declarations made easy with Import Filing: ATLAS

Use Import Filing: ATLAS with various customs procedures

ATLAS Import: Many customs procedures, one solution

Import Filing: ATLAS is the first choice even for those with more complex import needs. You have access to the following customs procedures (always assuming the necessary authorizations, of course):

  • Summary declaration
  • Release into free circulation in the normal procedure or the IMPOST procedure
  • Inward processing and outward processing 
  • Bonded warehouse
  • NCTS

Normal procedure, simplified procedure, and IMPOST procedure with Import Filing: ATLAS

Import Filing: ATLAS lets you generate all your import declarations for Germany and transmit them to the ATLAS e-customs system. It does not matter whether you use the normal procedure, simplified procedure, or IMPOST procedure. An input assistance and simple overviews reduce the manual effort required to create the customs declaration and ensure a high level of transparency.

The software has a link to the German electronic customs tariff (EZT), which lets you calculate the customs duties you will owe even before you submit your customs declaration.

Automated communications with ATLAS using Import Filing: ATLAS

Ein System für Standard-Anmeldungen und ATLAS IMPOST-Anmeldungen

One system for both standard declarations and ATLAS IMPOST declarations

Made for everyone in eCommerce: Whether you are a customs broker, fulfillment service provider, or parcel service. With the AEB software for ATLAS IMPOST, you can automatically and easily import small parcels from a third country. The software makes sure that only complete customs declarations are sent through built-in data validation and check mechanisms. You are supported with this by the smart AEB wizard.

Customers already mastering their Import Filing with AEB software

    GEODIS CL Germany GmbH
    Hama GmbH & Co KG
    Hilti Deutschland AG
    Kia Motors Deutschland GmbH
    Pfizer GmbH Arzneimittelwerke Gödecke

Clear and simple: our cloud solution pricing models


From GBP 92/month

plus setup fee

100 import declarations/year
GBP 5.34 for each additional import declaration

* Price on request


From GBP 626/month

plus setup fee

2,500 import declarations/year
GBP 3.89 for each additional import declaration

* Price on request


From GBP 1,843/month

plus setup fee

10,000 import declarations/year
GBP 2.21 for each additional import declaration

* Price on request

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How quickly can I start using Import Filing: ATLAS?

You must register with the German customs authorities before you can start using Import Filing: ATLAS. Typically, no extended waiting period is necessary. We’re happy to support you here.

If you want help configuring interfaces to your system environment or training your employees, plan accordingly.

What happens if the customs requirements change?

Import Filing: ATLAS is automatically updated to reflect changes in customs laws as soon as they come into force. No further action is required on your part.

Which different customs procedures can I handle with Import Filing: ATLAS from AEB?

With Import Filing: ATLAS/IMPOST, the following customs procedures are available:

  • Summary declaration
  • Release into free circulation in the normal procedure or the IMPOST procedure
  • Inward processing and outward processing
  • Bonded warehouse
  • NCTS

The prerequisite for using these procedures is that you have the necessary authorizations from German customs.

Geoff Taylor Managing Director UK

Geoff Taylor

Managing Director UK

"In the digital age, there is no need for import shipments to get stuck at customs and cause delivery delays. Integrated customs management creates transparency and accelerates the process – and ensures regulatory compliance at the same time."