Import Filing: AGS/DECO streamlines your imports to the Netherlands 

The Netherlands is a key European distribution hub. Many companies clear all their European imports through the Netherlands. Import Filing: AGS/DECO from AEB provides just the right software support for those businesses that wish to manage their Dutch imports without third-party providers. AEB Import Filing: AGS/DECO guides you systematically through the entire process of declaring your imports, submitting DECO declarations, and discharging transit procedures.

From GBP 92 / month

Easily create import declarations and transmit them to Dutch customs

Import Filing: AGS/DECO supports the processing of import declarations for the Netherlands. It helps you to create, edit, send, and search for complete, incomplete, and supplementary import declarations. Authorizations to be used in import declarations can be defined and managed in the master data. Available procedures include release into free circulation, transfer into inward processing, or temporary use. 

Import Filing: AGS/DECO makes it easy to clear imports through Dutch customs

Import Filing: AGS/DECO offers smart support for working with import declarations

Clear customs faster with smart shortcuts

Smart shortcuts let you easily import documents like invoices and delivery notes from your host system and automatically generate import declarations. Automatically allocate transport and insurance costs to the various line items by net weight or net price, for example. Smart templates help minimize the valuable work time you spend preparing regularly recurring import declarations. The system is also at your side to help you adjust or cancel declarations.

Communication with the Dutch e-customs systems made easy

Import Filing: AGS/DECO transmits the completed import declaration to the Dutch e-customs systems. An error symbol in Import Filing: AGS/DECO identifies import declarations rejected by the customs authorities for errors. Once you have corrected the error, you can immediately resubmit the import declaration. All such notices can be printed out from Import Filing: AGS/DECO.

Import Filing: AGS/DECO makes communications with the Dutch e-customs systems easy

Import Filing: AGS/DECO including NCTS

NCTS procedure included

The Netherlands is an important receiving country for shipments processed under the New Computerized Transit System (NCTS). That’s why Import Filing: AGS/DECO supports the discharge of transit procedures (“transit arrivals”) – and with the simplified procedure. Authorized consignees can use the software to generate, edit, and search for transit arrivals. Import Filing: AGS/DECO also keeps you in the loop about any transit procedure controls ordered by the customs authorities.

One system for regular declarations and DECO declarations

With Import Filing: AGS/DECO you can also process import declarations for e-commerce goods with a value of up to € 150 for which an exemption from customs duties is claimed. Since July 1, 2021, webshop owners and e-commerce entrepreneurs who supply products from outside the EU to consumers in the EU are obliged to declare these import shipments in the new customs e-commerce (DECO) system. Import Filing: AGS/DECO ensures that your e-commerce declarations comply with the mandated super-reduced dataset and contain the correct data when making use of the “Import procedure” and “Special Arrangement” customs procedures for declaration and payment of VAT during import.

Import Filing: AGS/DECO: One system for all Dutch declarations

Customers already mastering their Import Filing with AEB software

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Clear and simple: our cloud solution pricing models


From EUR 102/month

plus setup fee

100 import declarations/year
EUR 5,93 for each additional import declaration

* Price on request


From EUR 695/month

plus setup fee

2.500 import declarations/year
EUR 4,33 for each additional import declaration

* Price on request


From EUR 2.048/month

plus setup fee

10,000 import declarations/year
EUR 2,46 for each additional import declaration

* Price on request

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How quickly can I start using Import Filing: AGS/DECO?

You must register with the Dutch customs authorities before you can start using Import Filing: AGS/DECO. Typically, no extended waiting period is necessary. We’re happy to support you here.

If you want help configuring interfaces to your system environment or training your employees, plan accordingly.

What happens if the customs requirements change?

Import Filing: AGS/DECO is automatically updated to reflect changes in customs laws as soon as they come into force. No further action is required on your part.

Will Import Filing: AGS/DECO connect with DMS, the new IT-system of of Dutch Customs?

Absolutely. Import Filing is always connected to the current IT-system of Dutch customs. At the moment, it’s AGS and as soon as Dutch Customs switches over to DMS, we will take care of a flawless transition. We are already preparing Import Filing for the upcoming changes, such as the the new dataset requirements. If you integrate Import Filing with your ERP system or if you make use of our API, you might have to make some changes in case data currently not included will be needed in the new dataset.

Product expert Uwe Henning

Uwe Henning

Director International Business Development

“When you clear customs for your own imports, you speed up the import process and save the cost of hiring customs service providers. Import Filing from AEB offers the best possible support to your in-house customs team.”