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From GBP 92/month

plus setup fee 

25,000 address checks/year
GBP 0.0026 for each additional address check


From GBP 356/month

plus setup fee

2,500,000 address checks/year
GBP 0.0016 for each additional address check


From GBP 1,843/month

plus setup fee

25,000,000 address checks/year
GBP 0.0009 for each additional address check

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Compliance Screening Product expert Olga Pramberger

Olga Pramberger, Global Trade Expert 

"Compliance Screening from AEB checks your business contacts in real time against global sanctions lists. Efficiently and reliably."

Questions on Compliance Screening?

Which sanctions lists do I need to screen my business partners against?

Companies based in the EU generally need to worry only about sanctions and restricted party lists arising from EU embargoes or the various bodies of national law.

There are two types of embargoes whose annexes need to be included when screening business partners. First, there are embargoes derived from the EU anti-terrorism regulations 881/2002 (ISIL/Daesh and Al-Qaida), 2580/2001 (suspected terrorists), and 753/2011 (Afghanistan) including all amending regulations.

Then, there are country-specific EU embargoes with attached lists of names. These apply to countries including Iran, Iraq, Democratic Republic of the Congo, North Korea, and Sudan.

The websites of the responsible national authorities include the anti-terror regulations as well as a current list of country-specific embargoes, some of which include name lists in their annexes.

The United States asserts worldwide authority for its export control laws. Businesses whose activities fall under US jurisdiction must ensure compliance with US law. This applies even when the company is based in the EU and not in the US. The US maintains a number of blacklists with different backgrounds and legal consequences. Worldwide jurisdiction is claimed only for a handful of these blacklists.

Which lists are available in Compliance Screening?

Compliance Screening offers an extensive library of international lists or packages of lists for comprehensive risk management.

See all available sanctions lists

The current lists are also expanded continuously.

Can I also create my own sanctions lists in AEB's risk management solution?

Yes, Compliance Screening lets you create your own lists to define your own restricted parties.

How often are the restricted party lists in Compliance Screening updated?

They are updated daily. We go to the original source of the restricted party lists on the websites of the relevant authorities, consolidate the data in a package, and upload it each night to the server, where it is available for download. The Compliance Screening installations automatically download this file each night from the server. This means that the restricted party lists are always up to date. AEB's Compliance Screening is a powerful risk management solution to secure your business. 

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Prüfung von personenbedingten Embargos

Checking embargoes against individuals

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Freigabe von Geschäftsvorgängen auf Grund von Prüfungen

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Maintaining master data

Checking embargoes against individuals

Evaluating risks in business transactions

Checking business transactions based on legal provisions

Managing licenses and approving transactions

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