Directly in SAP®: Compliance Screening Plug-in

AEB's Compliance Screening Plug-in for SAP® integrates seamlessly into your ERP system. It checks addresses of business partners in your system against various official sanctions lists across finance (FI), human resources (HR), materials management (MM), and sales (SD). Compliance Screening minimizes trade risks by screening both master data (e.g. vendor, debtor, etc.) and transactions (e.g. quotations, orders, and deliveries). Critical transactions are automatically blocked to secure your business until a compliance officer evaluates the screening matches. The special compliance monitor directly in SAP delivers a detailed overview that enables fast decisions. AEB's plug-in is based on SAP standard technology and smoothly integrates into your SAP system without modification – both in ERP ECC® and SAP S/4HANA®.

Directly in SAP®: Compliance Screening Plug-in

Convenient: Compliance Screening App in Salesforce

Microsoft Dynamics 365: AEB Compliance Screening Connector by IONAX

The AEB Compliance Screening Connector by IONAX enables you to integrate business partner screening directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. It allows you to screen your customers, vendors, contacts, and business prospects directly in your usual system environment for sales, customer service, operations, financials, field service, project service automation, and marketing . The special compliance monitor in Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers a detailed overview of critical business transactions that enable your compliance officers to take fast decisions and keep your business safe. The IONAX‘s Connector for AEB Compliance Screening delivers a convenient integration between your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system and the AEB trade compliance solution.

Convenient: Compliance Screening app in Salesforce

"Business Partner Screening in Salesforce" is the name of the AEB app for Salesforce. It's available in the Salesforce AppExchange and integrates easily into your system. Compliance Screening checks your addresses against official sanctions lists directly in relevant Salesforce business objects: Accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, customer transactions, and contracts. Critical business transactions are flagged in a convenient overview in the address cockpit – with all needed details about screening matches. This enables your compliance officer to take quick decisions. An approval procedure (release workflow in Salesforce) locks affected business objects and prevents further processing until a Good Guy is defined. The result: minimized trade risks and secure processes.  

Convenient: Compliance Screening App in Salesforce

Minimizing trade compliance risks directly in proALPHA®

Minimizing trade compliance risks directly in proALPHA®

AEB's Compliance Screening plug-in for proALPHA® secures your entire address database directly in your ERP. This includes address data of customers, financial institutes, employees, and more. All relevant addresses can be screened automatically as soon as a new contact is created or a new transaction is generated. Addresses are monitored and controlled based on their compliance status – during new creation, processing, deletion, email transfers, and voiceover protocols.

Integrating into other systems? File check or AEB's API

If you would like to use Compliance Screening to check addresses in other IT systems, you can use the file check option or work with AEB's programming interfaces (API). During the file check, an address file is uploaded and checked in Compliance Screening. This can be done on demand or automated – please contact us if you would like to find out more. To work with the programming interface for real-time checks and seamless integration, we offer modern API documentation including test functions. Please visit our Trade Compliance API Hub to find all your IT teams need to get started. 

Integrating into other systems? File check and AEB API