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Shipping logistics is precision work. Moving thousands of packages and pallets every day requires smooth, reliable processes. From the delivery note to the label to the outbound delivery. Carrier Connect and our Transport & Freight Management add-on services help you navigate an end-to-end shipping process.

More than just the right label: how Carrier Connect works

Delivery note directly from host system

A delivery note is created in the host system (SAP® ERP, SAP S/4HANA®, etc.) with information about the type and quantity of goods ordered.

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Add-on service: Carrier Select

Add-on service:
Carrier Select

Provider and service selected

The optional add-on service Carrier Select can automatically select a viable transport service provider based on the delivery note data, delivery time, and definable criteria such as price or lead time. The selected provider and service are transmitted back to the host system.

The first step in shipping

Carrier Connect creates shipping order

At the same time the carrier or parcel service is selected, Carrier Connect creates a shipping order with information on the consignor and consignee, goods, transport service provider, and service. This data is used at this early phase to prepare the shipping label so that it can later be quickly printed.

The first step in shipping

Package picked & packed 

After the order has been picked in the warehouse, one or more packages with weight and dimensions is packed at the packing station. This package is added to the shipping order in Carrier Connect. Since the shipping label was prepared earlier, it can now be very quickly finalized and printed with the package data.

The first step in shipping

Shipping documents and labels printed

The shipping documents and shipping labels can be printed now (or later). Carrier Connect supports various printer types, from laser printers to thermal printers to fully automated labeling machines.

The first step in shipping

EDI with tracking number transmitted to provider

When the shipment is picked up by the selected carrier or parcel service, a day-end closing is generated and an EDI transmitted to the transport service provider. Carrier Connect prints out the manifest or loading list with all the shipments. Carrier Connect also provides tracking and tracing data and returns status updates from the carriers.

The first step in shipping
Add-on service:  Carrier Select

Add-on service: Monitoring & Alerting

End-to-end shipment tracking

Beyond the basic tracking feature included with Carrier Connect, the Monitoring & Alerting add-on service can also give you a comprehensive picture of the status of your shipments. A sampling of what this includes:   

  • Notifications and alerts
  • Lead time calculations
  • Status and event monitoring
  • Document storage and management
  • Customizable event and status chain

This lets you automatically attach documents such as commercial invoices and monitor whether your transport partners are complying with the agreed service level.

The first step in shipping
Add-on service:  Carrier Select

Add-on service:
Freight Cost Management

Freight costs calculated with Freight Cost Management

AEB Freight Cost Management, another add-on service for Carrier Connect, gives you the option to calculate a shipment’s freight costs and allocate them internally. Then, when the transport partner’s invoice arrives, you can automatically check it.

The first step in shipping
Carrier Connect Product expert Andrej Grohar

AEB Product Expert Andrej Grohar

“Optimize your shipping logistics! I’ll be happy to show you how Carrier Connect can give you greater flexibility and performance while making life easier for your own IT experts.”