Cloud platform for tailored solutions in an ever-changing world.

The volatile, uncertain, complex world of global commodity flows and digital business models demands that businesses engaged in global trade and logistics go with the flow. AEB helps you do just that with nEXt, the software platform that gives you the flexibility to respond to changing needs. State-of-the-art technologies make it easier.


Using the same software as everyone else makes it hard to stand out from the crowd.

nEXt helps businesses with the following objectives assemble a unique IT environment for success:

Exceed customer expectations with perfect logistics

Lower logistics costs and leverage customs savings

Bring visibility to the supply chain

Master change and increase flexibility

Accelerate your logistics, customs, and IT

Prepare for the future of ever-changing logistics and IT

Make your IT leaner, meaner, and more cost-effective 

Lessen your environmental impact

Enhance your image as an employer

Quickly create your own custom logistics solution: with the nEXt platform.

The nEXt platform, with its suite of apps and APIs, helps keep your processes smooth and your workflows flexible. This lets you fulfill your commitments to supply chain performance and quality. At the same time, you keep the flexibility to respond to surprises – and opportunities.

For logistics or global trade – or both

For logistics or global trade – or both

nEXt is your solution for end-to-end customs and logistics management and complete control of your international commodity flows.

Change brings opportunity

Change brings opportunity

Ever-changing logistics requires constant adaptations. And software that makes change easier, not harder. nEXt is designed with just this in mind: highly flexible to master the dynamism of your business.

Start small and grow – or start big and stay agile

Start small and grow – or start big and stay agile

nEXt is the solution for businesses that are growing too fast for their IT to keep up. It’s extremely scalable and easy to expand for new challenges. It helps (not just) large enterprises stay agile.

Software with a fun factor – and a UX for the app generation

Software with a fun factor – and a UX for the app generation

nEXt offers a simple, intuitive user experience on all devices. Its streamlined, contemporary interfaces are self-explanatory – no tedious training seminars required. This leads to fewer errors and greater efficiency and clarity – and more fun factor. 

All the power of the AEB products – from the cloud

All the power of the AEB products – from the cloud

nEXt lets you strike a balance between best practices and your own practices. The workflows, processes, and integration are fine-tuned to meet your unique needs. And the technical features draw upon the tried-and-tested AEB products for customs management, freight cost management, carrier communications, and much more. Simple, cloud-based service.

nEXt – cloud platform for custom logistics solution

Future-ready, cloud-based, flexible, agile

nEXt relies entirely on the latest methodologies, concepts, and technologies – like no other software solution on the market. This requires courage but offers dynamic enterprises one-of-a-kind opportunities.

What makes nEXt a truly innovative tool. And what that means for you.

New approach to changes: parallel process implementation instead of one “big bang”