How software can help to simplify shipping with UPS
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How software can help to simplify shipping with UPS

The multi-carrier software AEB Carrier Connect has earned UPS Ready certification. The software offers shippers many benefits, not just for shipping with UPS.

Logistics giant UPS has certified the AEB Carrier Connect software as “UPS Ready” for UPS shipping in the regions of Europe and the United States. The multi-carrier solution from AEB lets businesses print and transmit shipping labels – to UPS and over 180 other carriers and parcel services.

UPS shipping with certified software from AEB

UPS Ready certified software such as AEB Carrier Connect can be easily integrated into UPS systems and processes, streamlining the shipping process for UPS customers. UPS also points out that certified software can cut down on redundant tasks, eliminate input errors, ensure the consistency of customer data, and deliver a uniform customer experience.

Another major benefit for UPS shipping: Certified UPS Ready providers like AEB can greatly expedite the setup of UPS services for customers, eliminating the time and expense of conducting extensive EDI test cases, for example. All that’s needed before going live is to provide UPS with test labels.

Software offers lots of options for UPS shipping

AEB Carrier Connect lets businesses tap into a wide range of shipping and other services from UPS, which are automatically available through the software. This includes standard UPS shipping, UPS Express® 12:00, UPS Saver®, and UPS Expedited®

Other services available for UPS shipments include carbon neutral, C.O.D., acknowledgement of receipt, return service, additional insurance, and Saturday delivery.

More than just UPS shipping: AEB Carrier Connect software for 180+ carriers

Besides UPS shipping, businesses can use AEB`s software Carrier Connect to quickly and easily integrate over 180 transport service providers with more than 400 different services into their processes. The high number of linked carriers provides more flexible logistics choices and makes it easier to switch transport partners when necessary.

The software also integrates carrier updates automatically, so label and EDI formats always match the latest specs. AEB even ensures that the carrier routing data and service area lists are up to date. The result: access to the widest possible spectrum of services and less stress for you and your IT department.

Live demo: Better performance and stability for your shipping processes

Always the right shipping labels, documents, and EDI messages for 180+ carriers and parcel services. Integrated directly into SAP® ERP, SAP S/4HANA®, or any other host system. It’s child’s play with AEB Carrier Connect.