Videos to get you started

Choosing the right customs strategy is crucial for cross-border efficiency. But what is the right strategy for your business? Our customs expert breaks it down for you in our video. Take a look below. Plus bonus: Watch the film on how to best find the right commodity code for your products. And when you're ready to optimize your customs processes, discover AEB software solutions and get in touch with us.

Videos to get you started

Videos on customs strategies and solutions

Get an understanding of how to best handle your customs processes.

Carrier, broker, or self-filing?

There are three ways to handle your customs declarations and processes after the UK leaves the EU Customs Union in January 2021. Get help making the decision from Mark Brannan, Director Broker Integration at AEB.

Find the commodity codes of your goods

It’s essential to know the commodity code of the goods you wish to export or import when making customs declarations. Here we explain how you can find them.