Videos to get you started

Some things can be much easier to understand and process if you see them for yourself. That’s why we have prepared the video tutorials below for you. Take a look for yourself at our Import Filing: CHIEF and Export Filing: CHIEF software or get background information about commodity codes, self-filing vs. commissioning a third party and more.

Export Filing and Import Filing videos to get you started
Export Filing and Import Filing videos to get you started

 Import Filing: CHIEF tutorial

Processing import declarations with Import Filing: CHIEF 

Learn in this video how import declarations are created and processed in Import Filing: CHIEF.

Export Filing: CHIEF tutorials

Learn how AEB’s software solution works and how you can use it to process export declarations.

At a glance: Getting to know the easy mode of Export Filing: CHIEF

See in this teaser video how convenient export processing from the UK can be when using the easy mode of Export Filing: CHIEF.

Processing export declarations with Export Filing: CHIEF in the easy and advanced mode

Get to know in detail how export declarations are processed in Export Filing: CHIEF using the easy and advanced mode.

The customs process in Export Filing: CHIEF with the easy mode

Get to know the complete customs process in Export Filing: CHIEF with a focus on the different status, customs messages, and customs documents.

Background information

Get general information for how to handle customs.

Carrier, broker, or self-filing?

There are three ways to handle your customs declarations and processes after the UK leaves the EU Customs Union in January 2021. Get help making the decision from Mark Brannan, Director Broker Integration at AEB.

Find the commodity codes of your goods

It’s essential to know the commodity code of the goods you wish to export or import when making customs declarations. Iqubal Pannu, Senior Solutions Consultant at AEB, explains how you can find them.

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Do you have questions regarding the above? Or do you export or import high volumes (over 2,500 shipments)? Do you need integration in SAP or other ERP systems? Do you trade controlled goods? Do you want to automate your processes? We have a solution for you! Contact us to learn more.