Seven steps to export goods from the UK to the EU – with help from AEB

Exporting goods from the UK to the EU now presents significant challenges especially to those companies less familiar with customs processes. With the following step-by-step guide and AEB’s easy-to-use export filing software you will soon become a pro when it comes to self-filing export declarations. There will no longer be a need to involve third parties, such as freight forwarders or customs brokers, and pay them a lot of money for processing your exports to the EU.

Save costs and learn how submitting your own export declarations will become a simple, streamlined process with Export Filing: CHIEF from AEB.

Get ready to submit export declarations
Get ready to submit export declarations

Step-by-step guide to prepare for standard export declarations procedures

Apply for an EORI number 

To submit export declarations, you will need an EORI number. You can apply for an EORI number online. If you already have an EORI number, make sure that it starts with GB.  

Know the commodity codes of your goods

To complete an export declaration, you will need the commodity codes of the goods you wish to export.

Know about licence or other special requirements

The types of goods being shipped will determine whether you need an export license or other documents and certificates. You should therefore examine your goods carefully. For instance, dual-use goods, controlled goods, plants, and animals all require licences.

Check conditions for zero VAT rate

Find out under which conditions you can apply for zero VAT rate and whether you meet them. For example, you may need to retain evidence of these exports and adhere to certain time limits.

Register for NES and check if you need NCTS

Once you have decided that your company will manage its export declarations by itself (self-filing), you need to register for NES.
If you move non-Union goods and wish to temporarily suspend customs clearance formalities at the point of entry into the customs territory, the external Union transit procedure (T1) of the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) may be relevant for you.

Get access to the government’s customs system (CHIEF)

Export declarations to HMRC need to be submitted electronically. Your company therefore needs to have access to the government’s customs systems in order to engage with HMRC for exports. Currently, this is still “CHIEF ”. However, UK customs is planning to replace this system with “CDS” in the future.  

Complete your export declaration using Export Filing: CHIEF

AEB’s Export Filing: CHIEF software offers an easy-to-use interface enabling a quick start to file your own export declarations. You can easily enter the data required for your export declaration in a simple web screen. After completing data entry, multiple stages are triggered until goods reach their final destination. The easy mode of Export Filing: CHIEF will accompany and guide you every step of the way. If you decided to use NCTS transit procedures, this functionality is available in the more advanced version of Export Filing: CHIEF (as from "Basic" price plan).

Get to know the easy mode of Export Filing: CHIEF

See in this teaser video how convenient export processing from the UK can be when using the easy mode of Export Filing: CHIEF.

Will you do export declarations with a easy to use Software?
Will you do export declarations with a easy to use Software?

Get started with our easy-to-use customs software now!

Export Filing: CHIEF

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Get a glimpse of the light mode of AEB’s Export Filing
Get a glimpse of the light mode of AEB’s Export Filing

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