Customs software – your most cost-effective option for UK customs clearance

There are three ways for customs clearance of your goods through UK customs. Understand your options and find out why easy-to-use customs software is the most cost-effective customs clearance option.

Customs software – your most cost-effective option for UK customs clearance
Customs software – your most cost-effective option for UK customs clearance

You and AEB

Self-filing with customs software

All you need is an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number and AEB's web-based customs software for import and export filing.

  • Simple and straightforward: step-by-step data entry for only the customs data you need
  • Clever and fast: template technology simplifies the creation of your customs declarations
  • Pay for what you use: cost-effective solution with low rates for the declarations you make
  • Full control and visibility: no dependency on third parties and real-time customs clearance status
  • Ready for audits: safe storage of records and automatic creation of EAD and proof of export
  • High security for your sensitive data based on certified high-performance data center
  • You will need to build up basic knowledge about customs clearance processes
  • You will need in-house resources for this (and a back-up for holidays)

Your freight transport provider

Handover to a freight forwarder

Let your global freight forwarder take care of customs clearance for your shipments. In fact, many freight tariffs already include an optional mark-up for customs services. 

  • The most convenient option for you because you only need to work with one partner
  • You only need to share your and your customers' data with one external company
  • Transport and customs services from a single source often results in faster deliveries
  • All-inclusive shipping services come with a premium price-tag
  • Increased risks through high dependency on one transport partner for customs clearance
  • When your freight forwarder outsources customs clearance services, you have less control
  • Usually not customs experts

A customs intermediary

Handover to a customs broker

Outsource your import and export declarations to a customs broker. Managing customs clearance formalities for traders is their core business and they manage customs declarations professionally and with priority.

  • Knowledgeable customs service that is on top of all customs matters
  • No need for you to deal with low-level problems during customs clearance - they manage this
  • Extensive knowledge of processes and requirements for special goods and procedures
  • Another collaboration partner next to your freight forwarder
  • Independent customs brokers charge high fees for their customs clearance services
  • Risk of errors and delays due to traditional processes

Self-filing is your most cost-effective option for customs clearance

Will you do export declarations with a easy to use Software?
Will you do export declarations with a easy to use Software?

Export Filing: CHIEF

50 declarations/year
GBP 33/month

  • Full control of export processes
  • Every declaration step clearly explained
  • Save costs, file your own export declarations
  • Low-cost entry to Starter price plan with Export Filing: CHIEF, 50 declarations/year, GBP 33/month

Import Filing: CHIEF

100 declarations/year
GBP 92/month

  • Full control of import processes
  • Wizard to guide you through declaration
  • Save costs, file your own import declarations
  • Low-cost entry to Basic price plan with Import Filing: CHIEF, 100 declarations/year, GBP 92/month

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