Here at last: the “start smart and just use it” WMS


Starting from zero: WMS||XPRESS brings state-of-the-art IT right into your warehouse – rapidly deployed, cost-effective, error-absorbing, future-proof.


Businesses are always looking for opportunities to streamline their operations. This has led managers from various industries – shippers, traders, logistics service providers – to take a closer look at their warehouses as well. What they often find is a huge potential for optimization: processes and information fragmented across spreadsheets, paperwork, e-mails, and faxes with all the problems of poor quality, inaccurate stock information, unproductive workflows, and workarounds. And structures that block performance and inventory visibility. The result is not only inefficient processes but the ineffective use of strategic information that could be leveraged to benefit the company.


As a pure SaaS solution, WMS||XPRESS is a perfect fit for start-ups, small businesses, and companies that don’t need to integrate their warehouse processes into an ERP system. WMS||XPRESS is also the perfect choice for smaller stock-keeping areas outside your logistics operations, such as those used to manage marketing materials. WMS||XPRESS is very affordable, starting with zero down-payment, and is up and running within hours, not days.


WMS||XPRESS benefits

  • Accessible anywhere
  • Superior warehouse activity management
  • Simpler process execution
  • Streamlined processes through selected warehouse strategies (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO)
  • Easy trigger to pick by product, pick by order
  • Quick and accurate cycle count
  • Flexible data extraction for reporting and billing

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