• Goods receipt & check-in

 Support throughout the goods receipt process: from check-in to optimal storage bin placement.

  • Stock placement, stock transfer, cross-docking

 A firm grasp and a sharp eye on all your warehouse movements.

  • Stock overview & stock checking

 Real-time transparency across all stock. Support for all common forms of inventory.

  • Picking & packing

 Accurate. Qualified. Packed.

  • Shipment processing

 Cost-saving order consolidation. Selection of the cheapest carrier.

  • Goods issue

 Efficient warehouse management up to goods issue and beyond.

ASSIST4 Warehouse Management

The ASSIST4 Warehouse Management System

(WMS) supports you with all the processes in your warehouse, storage facility, or distribution center and helps you streamline your workflows.

Whether it’s stock putaway, stock transfer, stock removal, picking, or packing: all processes can be designed for maximum reliability and minimum errors. The result is shorter lead times, reduced safety stock, and better on-time delivery performance. ASSIST4 Warehouse Management offers everything you need in a warehouse management system.

The journey through a warehouse


End-to-end process support

The warehouse plays a key role within the logistical system. ASSIST4 Warehouse Management maps the entire intralogistical process in one end-to-end solution – from goods receipt, stock putaway, internal replenishment control, picking, packing, and preparation of all freight documents to goods issue. This eliminates paper in processing, gives you a real-time overview of stock levels and the location of goods, accelerates the picking and packing process, and provides the basis for an event management of internal processes and along the entire supply chain.

The right choice for every warehouse type

ASSIST4 enables seamless stock management and supports all types of warehouses: reserve storage, transfer storage, distribution centers, supply centers, shipping centers, and picking areas. The same applies to all types of warehouse topologies:

open storage, block storage, flat storage, multi-level storage, high-bay storage areas, or even bunker, silo, and tank storage. And it applies to all types of shelf systems: modular shelf systems, drive-in shelves, flow racks, compact shelves, high-rack storage systems, support arm shelves, honeycomb racks, or cassette shelving. Finally, ASSIST4 Warehouse Management works with either manual or automated warehouses.

WMS as the foundation of stable processes

With ASSIST4 Warehouse Management, the heart of your logistics will also beat in this one integrated software suite. The result: orders are processed faster, errors are minimized, and shipments are complete, reliable, and on time. And this approach yields another strategic competitive advantage: new markets and business ideas can be quickly “translated” into logistics. You become more flexible and adaptive, which enhances your competitiveness.


  • Increased productivity
  • Picking accuracy of 99%+
  • Accurate inventory information at all times
  • Lower levels of safety stock
  • Cross-docking and other strategies
  • Shorter lead times
  • Better on-time performance
  • Enhanced fulfillment quality and more reliable processes
  • Complete transparency of all inventory
ASSIST4 in use at Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH

Forward-looking logistics at ERBE Elektromedizin GmbH

German medical technology maker Erbe uses ASSIST4 – in the warehouse and beyond.

ASSIST4 Warehouse Management maps the entire intralogistical process – from goods receipt to stock putaway, from picking and stock removal to packing, from complete freight document preparation to loading.

The software even provides an electronic link to the customs office for import and export and integrates compliance screening for screening against EU and US sanctions lists. 

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Warehouse management with ASSIST4


ASSIST4 in operation


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