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Supply chain execution at its best:


ASSIST4 Warehouse Management helps you with picking, goods receipt, physical inventory, workforce deployment, and much more. End-to-end support for your logistics processes – support that precedes the warehouse and transcends the warehouse. But is always focused on the warehouse.

ASSIST4 Warehouse Management
Perfect picking with ASSIST4

Perfect picking: picking accuracy of nearly 100%

Whether you prefer one-phase picking based on a resource-guided pull principle, two-phase picking in batch runs, or picking optimized by zone, time, or quantity: ASSIST4 even lets you mix and match the various strategies. Document-free picking is supported by mobile device apps and forklift control systems alike.


Warehouse topology: the 1:1 map of your physical warehouse

Layer upon layer
ASSIST4 Warehouse Management maps any type of warehouse structure. You can define a main warehouse with various sub-warehouses, for example. What the system understands as a sub-warehouse may in the real world be an additional building, just a section of a building, an aisle, or part of a shelf. What matters when it comes to defining the structure is your business workflows. ASSIST4 adapts to and optimizes your workflows.

Control of MFC and WCS
The material flow computer and warehouse control system are the control units for high-performance automatic warehouses that automate stock putaway, removal, and transfer processes with the help of floor conveyor technology and automated storage and retrieval systems. ASSIST4 communicates with these systems and is capable of controlling them. The interface is then clearly defined and marks the transition from the end-to-end logistics process controlled by ASSIST4 to automation technology.

Real warehouse modeling with ASSIST4
Support for the entire goods receipt process with ASSIST4

Getting the goods: support for the goods receipt process

ASSIST4 Warehouse Management supports the entire goods receipt process: from the receipt of pallets and warehouse utilities to material and quantity checks, quality assurance, returns handling, and optimal storage bin placement.


Warehouse Cockpit: transparency and a bird’s-eye view

ASSIST4 lets logistics managers keep a constant eye on their processes. Stock levels are transparent and all warehouse transactions can be monitored, right down to the individual 

transport order. Critical situations are identified immediately and disruptions quickly remedied. The Warehouse Cockpit provides a central overview.

ASSIST4 Warehouse Cockpit
Inventory made easy with ASSIST4

IntelliCount: inventory made easy

Everyone needs to take physical inventory, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. ASSIST4 Warehouse Management supports all common

forms of inventory: periodic inventory, continuous inventory – even sample-based inventory, where permitted under law.


Auto-replenishment: maximum flexibility in replenishment control

ASSIST4 gives you great flexibility in controlling replenishment – which is particularly helpful where fast-moving items are stored and picked. This completely automated feature ensures that your stock never falls below a defined minimum level. ASSIST4 even lets you implement vendor-

managed inventory solutions. Here, ASSIST4 Warehouse Management generates precise information on the customer’s stock and shares it with the vendor. The VMI is then replenished in the same way as it would be in the picking area of a warehouse, for example.

Maximum flexibility in replenishment control with ASSIST4
Simplified handling of handling units with ASSIST4

HU handling: simplified handling of handling simplifiers

Dividers such as pallets, crates or workpiece carriers enable efficient merchandise storage and movement in the warehouse. ASSIST4 Warehouse Management lets you manage an unlimited amount of merchandise and dividers together in so-called handling units.

Support for cross-docking with ASSIST4

Reducing storage costs through cross-docking

ASSIST4 Warehouse Management supports all modes of cross-docking (especially for items with a fast turnover) and, when combined with ASSIST4 Transport Management, also provides the tools you need to cross-dock goods as they arrive or ship goods directly from production.

Freshly delivered or produced goods are not first stored but sent out immediately. Since ASSIST4 supports both processes – picking and consolidations – you have the option of either one-phase or two-phase cross-docking.


Wireless warehouse: data collection and control with RFID, barcode, radio scanner

ASSIST4 Warehouse Management supports mobile processes through the use of handhelds, mobile scanners, and terminals on forklift trucks – in short: with any warehouse system that is used to synchronize physical changes in stock and goods movements with the warehouse management system.

Incoming goods are checked using wireless handheld devices, and paperless picking is also enabled. Auto ID technologies such as barcodes and RFID provide continuous control of the material flow. Unnecessary legs are eliminated, since goods are only moved if the business process requires such a movement.

Support for mobile processes with ASSIST4

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