• Supply chain planning:

 Plan shipments and transport chains and the precise scheduling of merchandise handovers and inbound deliveries.

  • Monitoring:

 Next-generation tracking and tracing: supply chains and process steps mapped and monitored in real time.

  • No need to be alarmed: alerting

 Proactive status updates – and above all, alerts upon any deviation from the defined plan.

  • Reporting:

 The extra added value: ASSIST4 knows the plan – and even performs the operational logistics processes, so KPIs, performance analyses, and other reports are just a mouse click away.

  • Inventory management:

 Clear view – of the stock in your warehouse, your goods in transit and your inventory held by customers and suppliers.

  • Time slot management:

 Balanced loads and streamlined processes at the loading docks.


The ASSIST4 Visibility & Collaboration Platform is the foundation for efficient supply chain collaboration. Transparency and performance – in both control and execution.

For goods to flow easily in a supply chain, the data exchange must run smoothly. The Visibility & Collaboration Platform ensures transparency and helps synchronize events along the supply chain with extra features to enhance collaboration. The platform architecture allows a centralized approach –worldwide. And provides the foundation for efficient controlling.

Stock on the move. Greater transparency at the click of a mouse.


Watch the video to learn more:

Supply chain transparency with AEB ASSIST4: the video

End-to-end supply chain – the big picture all in one place

Many companies already have end-to-end visibility over their own internal production processes. But this transparency is often quickly lost as soon as outside business partners are involved. And when this transparency is lost, the ability to act is often lost with it. Information is decentralized and communication channels are fragmented. ASSIST4 builds a new foundation here with the Visibility & Collaboration Platform.

Integrating all partners on one platform

The ASSIST4 Visibility & Collaboration Platform serves as the nerve center, collecting all the relevant information from all supply chain partners. Standard adapters and methods let you quickly, easily, and affordably integrate suppliers and logistics service providers into your processes, systems, and information flows. This consolidated information can then be used in various scenarios. Your customers can check the status of their own orders, for example. Transport service providers can check delivery time slots or reprint misplaced papers on their own.

Tracking, tracing, and proactive event management

ASSIST4 harnesses all this information to give you a consistently clear, real-time view of all your inventory, goods movements, and the status chains of your process steps. Above all, it enables the change from reactive troubleshooting to proactive event management.

KPIs track performance

Finally, once all the planning data is in ASSIST4 (see Order Management) and all the event and status information is bundled here, the Visibility & Collaboration Platform is the ideal place to measure the performance and reliability of your supply chain. Supply chain managers have access here to analyses, ad hoc reports, alerts, and dashboards. The clincher: because ASSIST4 also automates and standardizes the supply chain execution in your company, you have the option of incorporating all internal processes into the performance test.


  • Proactive monitoring for greater flexibility
  • No need to manually collect tracking and status information
  • Agility thanks to easy, out-of-the-box EDI links to suppliers, partners, and logistics service providers
  • Maximum efficiency through management by exception
  • Acceleration for process innovations
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Transparency that allows lean inventory and optimal use of human resources
  • Competitive edge that you can share with your customers
  • Much more reliable processes


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Supply chain transparency with ASSIST4


ASSIST4 in operation

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