ASSIST4 takes supply chain management to a new level

Or to a new platform, to be exact:


The ASSIST4 Visibility & Collaboration Platform is the new nerve center of your supply chain management: planning data, event information, inventory overviews, and performance analyses all come together here. Integrating all your supply chain partners streamlines, simplifies, and accelerates your supply chain. Take advantage of the following services and features.


Instant integration


Instant platform – many partners, one network

Information needs to flow if you want to take advantage of a close network of collaboration in your procurement and distribution. Instant Integration quickly connects carriers and partners.

Easy collaboration
Unfortunately, there is still no uniform standard – no “lingua franca” of collaboration – for exchanging information throughout the supply chain. This often makes it very difficult to integrate partners. ASSIST4 has proven itself a capable “interpreter” for the various languages.

Diverse voices speaking as one
AEB software speaks the different languages of the ERP systems and carriers. Instant Integration allows easy organization of information from various sources and formats. All necessary information is collected in the centralized AEB data hub and "translated" into a uniform format. Many transport service providers, forwarders, and parcel services have already been successfully linked. This ensures a smooth flow of the required data for the defined event chains.

Quick search with the ASSISTant in ASSIST4

Total visibility for employees, partners, customers – online and directly in your SAP® system


Ad hoc queries online from anywhere
The Search Assistant lets you run ad hoc search queries using any type of reference number at any time: from any Internet-connected PC, anywhere in the world. What sounds like a gimmick has a practical value, because it allows you, your colleagues, your partners, and even customers to search for business transactions on their own. This saves the administrative overhead you would otherwise need to respond to such inquiries.

Customer portal enhances service potential
You can further streamline your operations by providing customers with access to the tracking function as an online service. Utmost priority is assigned to ensuring strict access rights and preventing one client from seeing another client’s data. But with the proper safeguards, as with the ASSIST4 Visibility & Collaboration Platform, this type of online tracking saves costly in-house expenses and creates reliable processes for all partners. 


Document Provider: key documents available online


Do your customers need to receive the delivery note ahead of the goods? Give all parties – forwarders, transport service providers, customs agents, even customers – access to the Visibility & Collaboration Platform. Then anyone with the appropriate access rights can be granted access to or retrieve information and documents online – forwarding orders, packing lists, proofs of delivery, or delivery notes. This helps all your processes run smoothly. And you decide who can see what. You can approve each individual document for specific business partners. And your customers can view their own delivery notes online. Any supply chain partner linked to the Visibility & Collaboration Platform can also make documents available to you.

document provider ASSIST4



Delivery time determination: always on schedule

A key prerequisite for reliable scheduling and on-time performance is the ability to accurately determine delivery times.

Simulate and plan orders

You can save time and money on your orders by running simulations based on predefined planning figures. ASSIST4 presents various transport recommendations and knows which routes and modes of transport you need to accommodate the country of departure, place of use, and shipping point. You can then use this information to decide how to best plan your transport chain.

Calculate alternatives

Which transport option is currently the cheapest? And which is the fastest? ASSIST4 knows the answers, because the costs and lead times of the various modes of transport are stored in the program. A click of the mouse is all it takes to run through various choices. You can quickly weigh your options and find the right one for you.



Event Monitor: central console for supply chain events


Uniform view
The key benefit of the Event Monitor is the uniform view of all events in one central place. Here you can get all the information you need: Is the order on schedule? Which milestones have been reached? Have any notes or infos since been received? The result is process transparency to a degree not available in conventional execution systems or even in ERP systems.

First place to go when problems loom
The Event Monitor gives you an overview of problems in your supply chain and a clear picture of your remaining options. When delays occur, individual process steps such as the ETA are recalculated in real time and even adjusted for time zones and holiday schedules. This gives you transparency and a solid decision-making basis, even when the schedule changes. Icons help you more easily identify and pinpoint delays.


Milestone Mapper: for effective event management


The Milestone Mapper in ASSIST4 lets you map your supply chains and process steps, building the foundation for real-time monitoring. 

Step 1: Define milestones
It’s easy to define milestones and link them to specific attributes: which partner is responsible for taking care of a particular step, how much time is available, at which points should a status update be generated – all this information is standardized and entered without any programming.

Step 2: Define target lead times

The same applies to lead times that you schedule for the various segments from milestone to milestone. Milestones plus lead times define the event chain, providing the foundation for proactive performance monitoring and alerting.

Widget critical transactions in ASSIST4

Track Control: you decide what is monitored


Sales order, shipment, material, product, mode of transport – and much more.

The Event Monitor queries may vary widely depending on who is checking the current status of
a process chain
and when. A customer service employee is often interested in one specific customer
order – the order of the customer on the line. Distribution center managers, on the other hand,
want to know when each shipment will arrive so they can plan their resources accordingly.



Proactive alerting: sound the alarm only when necessary

An important success factor for supply chain visibility projects is well-defined tolerances and alerting workflows.
The ASSIST4 Visibility & Collaboration Platform makes this possible, so you can be sure that you’ll be promptly alerted to all relevant discrepancies without drowning in a flood of status updates. You can also freely define who receives which notifications, warnings, and alerts – and when.


Active notification: status information alerts


Transparency for everyone in your supply chain: The Visibility & Collaboration Platform ensures that your partners and customers are notified of all relevant status changes. Customers are notified of the shipping status of the goods they ordered, for example. And your transport service provider is notified when the next shipment is ready for pickup. The added value to you: enhanced service for all supply chain participants.



Extra added value: the Supply Chain Analyzer


ASSIST4 offers further benefits by constantly collecting and preparing data to generate in-depth reports on the performance of the various partners. Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be defined and tracked.

widget performance indicator in ASSIST4

Stock management

Material Cockpit: inventory control made easy

The Visibility & Collaboration Platform delivers a comprehensive view of all inventory. At all locations. You can monitor all your warehouses and always know where which quantity of the selected material is available.

Inventory en route

Do you always know how much of your stock is in transit? The ASSIST4 Visibility & Collaboration Platform brings light to the darkness. Since all transports are monitored and their stock is transparent, the Material Cockpit displays and tracks all goods in transit.

Looking ahead: forecasts and predictions

This linking of inventory and transport monitoring also makes it possible to project stock levels in the near future. Anticipated levels of stock can be predicted based on transport lead times. The inventory forecasts tell you when to expect which quantities of which materials in which warehouses.


Time slot management

Booking AEB time slots in the Booking Cockpit

Booking Cockpit: take the controls

ASSIST4 makes it easy for transporters to book time slots at the loading docks for deliveries and pickups: they simply access the Booking Cockpit at any time, check which time slots are free, and book the slot of their choice in just a few clicks. The size of the time slots can be manually defined or automatically determined.


Crystal-clear transparency: with ASSIST4 loading dock management

ASSIST4 provides status updates to manage loading docks

The Visibility & Collaboration Platform lets you track all the status updates up to the point when the vehicles are loaded or unloaded: Was the time slot booked? Did the truck driver arrive? Once the loading dock opens up, you can simply send a message to the driver through ASSIST4 with a note about the assigned loading dock. ASSIST4 automatically and proactively alerts you if a booked time slot is overrun.


Black and white: loading dock capacities and the performance of your partners

ASSIST4 continuously collects all the data of the various loading docks and mines it for powerful statistics: What is the average wait time at loading dock 2? What is the average wait time at all your loading docks? And how well are you utilizing the capacity at a particular dock or all your docks? ASSIST4 observes these statistics over a given period so it can chart the utilization of all your docks over a quarter year, for example.

ASSIST4 brings transparency not only to your internal processes but also to the performance of your partners. You can track the on-time performance of your forwarders in detail.


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