Who hasn’t been there? AEB provides answers.

Can you make sense of the tangle of quotes from competing carriers?
Still getting paper invoices from your freight carriers?
Want to ask AEB a question about transport & freight management?
How can you avoid manual errors in your business processes?
Is it really cheaper to send multiple separate consignments on the same day to the same consignee?
Are you taking full advantage of all the cost benefits your transport service providers offer?
Are your packing stations used “only” for packing?
Which of your transport services providers is the fastest?
Do you always have a complete overview of your freight documents?

Benefit from every individual service that ASSIST4 offers.

And from a suite that works as one.

ASSIST4 Visibility & Collaboration Platform
ASSIST4 Order Management
ASSIST4 Warehouse Management
ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management
ASSIST4 Customs Management
ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management

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