Optimize your transport preparations. Lower your freight costs.

Transports require preparation – and follow-up

ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management strengthens your processes while bringing transparency to your freight costs and saving you money. 


Transport preparation


Integrating shipment processing into your processes

ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management optimizes orders, saves money through consolidation, and lets you select transport service providers – for procurement or distribution – based on your business rules or on price.

Jobs are often transferred from other systems such as the SAP® system, Microsoft Dynamics®, Oracle®, Infor®, etc. Business objects such as orders, deliveries, or invoices serve as the basis.

Shipment processing with ASSIST4

The complete package with ASSIST4

The foundation for successful transport begins right in the warehouse. Here, the ASSIST4 packing station is a highly integrated workstation designed for highly efficient checking, packing, and weighing of picked goods.

Scanners and integrated scales minimize the data that needs to be input using the mouse and keyboard – thereby reducing the error rate. Much of the work handled here – such as printing the delivery notes, packing lists, and corresponding labels – would otherwise have to be done in the dispatch office.

The packing station as a highly integrated workstation with ASSIST4
Consolidation with ASSIST4

Consignment consolidation streamlines the process

ASSIST4 monitors and controls this transfer of data, consolidating the orders according to predefined rules. Multiple orders for the same customer are consolidated onto one delivery note, for example.

This process paves the way to enormous savings, since it drastically cuts documentation, handling, and transport costs.


Goods issue: on your marks, final check – go.

End-to-end control of the entire flow of goods with ASSIST4 helps you eliminate errors and process orders faster and more efficiently. This means that a final control at goods issue usually finds no problems at all – and even if now and then something does not go according to plan, it’s good that ASSIST4 also checks the final step in the process at the loading dock.

During loading, all packages are registered and checked against those that are supposed to be on the loading list. The system automatically notifies you if any packages are missing or if any of the packages in a given load do not belong. Afterward, the loading list can be printed. If desired, an EDI file can also be sent to the forwarder.

ASSIST4 checks the goods issue step

Freight cost calculation & transport orders


Calculate freight costs. Select carrier. Save costs.

ASSIST4 helps you find the ideal carrier and rate for your consignment. The solution draws upon saved quotes to identify possible forwarders and courier services and calculate their prices and lead times for a consignment. Transparency across the entire transport chain of multimodal transports is provided, including extra information such as segment lead times, means of transport, and quote numbers.

You can limit the results by predefining certain combinations of transport stages. ASSIST4 automatically selects the most affordable carrier for your shipments. Naturally, you also have the option of selecting manually or applying specific criteria – to grant preference to a particular forwarder or transport chain for a specific destination, for example, or to comply with specific customer requirements.


Smart tool for fast freight calculation

Freight calculation with AEB ASSIST4 software
  • “My customer wants to know what the transport costs will be to have the replacement part delivered this week.”
  • “I need to know the freight costs for a shipment to XY so I can prepare a quote.” 

The freight calculator in ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management is the right tool for queries of this type, which might come from your sales reps. You have the option of calculating package-specific rates “on the fly” or testing a specific quote. All you need to do is enter the key consignment data – consignor, consignee, consignment weight, etc. – to see a list of potential carriers and their freight charges.

Since the freight calculator is available both within the software and as an online solution, you can also share it with your colleagues through your company intranet.


The transport service provider links in ASSIST4 let you take advantage of all the cost benefits your transport partners offer: ASSIST4 automatically ensures that labels, including barcodes, are printed correctly.

Manifests and loading lists can also be auto-generated and transmitted electronically at pre-defined times. It’s even possible to automate the issuance of transport orders.

ASSIST4 transport service provider links

The right documents – automatically

The ASSIST4 Docu-Scout applies all the 4C compliance criteria to automatically identify all the forms, business papers, and EDI messages relevant to each transaction – for nearly every country and carrier. A specific consignment can’t leave your plant until the necessary messages and labels have been created, for example. A customs consignment requires a customs declaration. And if a forwarder requires a pro forma invoice, ASSIST4 will let you know.

This enables reliable, automated, and standardized processes, enhances the quality of your workflow, reduces delays, and reinforces the relationship to your customers, suppliers, and partners.


Freight cost management


Smart quote management: making distinct tariffs comparable

Quote management with AEB ASSIST4 software

The foundation for successful transport and freight management is managing the relevant quotes. But differing modes of transport, cost components, and service types make this a daunting and complex task.

ASSIST4 brings order and efficiency to your quote management and offers the ideal conditions for identifying and realizing cost savings. Either as a standalone system or integrated into your shipping processes.

ASSIST4 works with your quotes, analyses the various calculation methods, cost components (e.g. weight, road distance or tariffs) and SLAs. Quotes that would otherwise be inscrutable – road, air or sea, even in foreign currencies – can then be compared with the click of a mouse.


Simulate freight, identify potential, manage tenders.


ASSIST4 lets you recalculate transports for a specific period to shed more light on your freight costs. This lets you identify potential savings: for example, you can find out how the freight costs would be affected by changing the destination country, service provider, shipping point, or service type.

A simulation also lets you compare multiple forwarder
quotes. You can copy the results of a simulation to Excel, for example, to process and analyze the data there. The simulations are also a good basis for tenders which let you find the right transport partners. The ASSIST4 software helps you create, manage, and assess freight tenders.

Simulations and preliminary inquiries based on quotes with ASSIST4
Useful Information with ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management

A wealth of useful information, bundled and organized in a single solution

Get the full benefit of the data and information that accumulate in your transport and freight processes – for example, by automatically posting to cost centers, by preparing the data for your in-house controllers, or by compiling supplier evaluations. ASSIST4 is glad to assist you.


Freight invoice auditing and billing


Who gets around to auditing freight invoices? ASSIST4!

Auditing incoming freight invoices is difficult and time-consuming, which is why many companies unfortunately never get around to it.

ASSIST4 gets you back on track. ASSIST4 is familiar with all the quotes and has calculated the freight costs in advance, so incoming invoices are automatically audited. If the invoice matches the precalculation, payment instructions are automatically forwarded to Financial Accounting. But if the software finds a discrepancy, a proactive alert is generated.

freight invoice auditing with assist4

Better to credit than audit invoices yourself

Switching to a self-billing procedure is even faster than automated freight invoice auditing. Instead of waiting for the invoices from your transport service providers, you can send them “credit notes” for the freight costs calculated by ASSIST4. The credit notes represent the actual costs that you have negotiated with the provider in the rates and quotes.

Automated freight cost calculation

Electronic billing is faster – and easier

Going paperless makes it possible to even further automate and streamline the processes of calculating and paying freight invoices.

ASSIST4 can initiate payment transactions in your financial system, receive and process electronic invoices such as those in EDI format from your business partners, and transmit the credit notes back along the same path.


Extra added value: outbound, inbound, and beyond


Discover the potential of your inbound transports

ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management not only supports your distribution logistics, it also helps you implement smooth, standardized workflows and costs savings in your goods receipt logistics – from freight cost calculation for inbound transports to order tracking and inbound checks.

Inbound transport

Customs clearance – better integration

Together with the ASSIST4 Customs Management solution, you can integrate customs processes into your transport management through an automated, standardized workflow. Seamlessly embed export, NCTS, and Intrastat processes into your logistical process – AEB software even helps you classify your articles.

This lets you accelerate your global flow of goods, save customs duties, secure your supply chains, and achieve a competitive edge through error-free execution.


Visibility in the supply chain – even


Working with the ASSIST4 Visibility & Collaboration Platform adds even more value to your transport and freight management, because the platform tracks any business transaction that you perform with ASSIST4.

Full supply chain transparency with ASSIST4

Any third-party system can of course also be included to track additional events. All the information from the supply chain comes together here, such as messages from your transport service providers when consignments are loaded or shipped. The platform also proactively monitors all planned process lead times. If you agreed to express shipment for a particular order, for example, the interaction of the two modules allows you to automatically control whether your carrier really delivered the consignment by the agreed deadline.


Practical add-ons

ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management covers a broad spectrum of features right out of the box and also supports industry- and company-specific tasks. The modular architecture lets you quickly and easily integrate the add-ons you need. For example:

  • Special dispatches: ASSIST4 helps you ship large volumes of the same articles
  • Logistical order management: ASSIST4 manages the order and shipping data and organizes the ongoing planning of complex orders.
  • VDA standards: ASSIST4 helps you meet the VDA standards of the German automotive industry.

The four Cs: Corporate, Customer, Carrier, Customs

Industrial and commercial enterprises must achieve what’s known as 4C compliance, meeting corporate, customer, carrier, and customs rules and specifications. But these groups have very different demands.

Corporate rules, for example, require that criteria such as the carbon footprint be considered when choosing a logistics service provider. The carriers, for their part, require different order and document formats. The customs office needs export certificates and other documentation, while the customers have special demands of their own pertaining to areas such as labeling and packaging – or they may even specify which carrier is to be used for their shipments.

ASSIST4 helps you meet these demands without holding up your flow of goods.

ASSIST4 follows strict rules and secures your processes.

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