ASSIST4 – the software suite for all your global business logistics


ASSIST4 offers a full set of standardized business services for end-to-end logistics, including international movements of goods. This in turn enables the standardization and automation of your business processes in supply chain execution.

ASSIST4 also creates transparency and provides a reliable basis for you to make the right decisions about the planning, monitoring, control, and continual optimization of your supply networks – even beyond the boundaries of your own business.

AEB ASSIST4 Visibility & Collaboration Platform
AEB ASSIST4 Order Management
AEB ASSIST4 Warehouse Management
AEB ASSIST4 Transport & Freight Management
AEB ASSIST4 Customs Management
AEB ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management

Integration platform




Performance analysis, reporting & KPIs

Process & stock visibility

Time Slot Management

Order entry


Fulfillment planning & checking

Fulfillment monitoring & controlling

Assessment & billing

Goods-in & goods receipt

Stock placement, stock transfers, c

Stock overview & stock checking

Picking & packing

Dispatch & shipping

Goods issue

Mobile applications


Shipment consolidation

Transport preparation

Transport orders

Freight cost management

Freight cost optimization

Freight invoice auditing

Tender Management


Carrier Integration

Integrated global trade management



Bonded warehouse, IPR, OPR

EMCS, Intrastat, transit procedures

Product classification

Origin & preferences

Global Trade Integration

Restricted party screening

Export controls

EU & US regulations

License management


 Five of the many good arguments for the ASSIST4 software suite, which brings together global trade, logistics, and supply chain management.

AEB ASSIST4 software suite

Supply chain x (management + execution)

Organizing a global flow of goods, like any complex management task, involves at least two levels: On one hand designing, planning, setting up, analyzing, reviewing, and continuously improving each step of the process – and on the other hand continuously and efficiently executing operational processes in every day business. That is strategy and

operations, or as it’s known in the industry: supply chain management and supply chain execution.

ASSIST4 has you covered at both levels with an end-to-end suite of solutions. In one system.


(Supply chain + global trade) management squared

Another way to look at the global flow of goods and the accompanying flow of information is to distinguish the logistical processes of these movements from the associated customs transactions. It’s common practice to speak of supply chain management (SCM) and global trade management (GTM). The two disciplines are still often regarded separately, even when it comes to organization: customs departments on one side, logistics teams on the

other. And yet these days, you almost never have the one without the other. Each goods movement has aspects, documents, and process steps relating to logistics – and also to customs and trade.

ASSIST4 bridges the gap by offering business services for both disciplines to bring together SCM, SCE, and GTM in a single suite.


Transparency in all processes + transparency in IT

IT is not an end unto itself but a means for solving problems. For mastering challenges. For realizing successful ideas. That’s why IT for SCM and GTM is not just something for computer scientists but a tool for the customs, logistics, and collaboration specialists – at least at AEB.
And that’s why an ASSIST4 project always begins with your

processes – where they are today and where you’d like them to be tomorrow. ASSIST4 can only be deployed effectively when there is a clear roadmap. Then it’s full speed ahead!

Standardization and automation of your logistics processes – worldwide with ASSIST4.


(On demand + on premises) x on duty

Trends in the software industry are fleeting. But one thing remains constant: there is no such thing as the perfect solution for everyone – only the best solution for you. AEB decided against a choice between on-demand and on-premises software by simply offering ASSIST4 in both forms: install the complete suite of solutions in your data center and have it administered by your IT department, or simply use a business service such as compliance screening or AES customs clearance in ASP mode and fully supported

by our AEB experts. After all, ASSIST4 has been available in on-demand mode for some time now. And because we know that the truth generally lies “somewhere in the middle”, ASSIST4 is also available for (virtually) all variations and combinations.

ASSIST4: IT that is both “in the cloud” and entirely “down to earth.”




AEB solutions work hand in hand with SAP® systems. As an add-on or with the ATC :: plug-ins available directly in SAP® applications.


Read our success stories to learn more about how big names in business use ASSIST4 to fuel their success.


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