• Countries, systems, customs procedures:

 All-in-one: multi-country customs integration

Streamlined multi-country IT solutions. With AEB’s integrated solutions suite.

  • Manage imports and save customs duties:

 Importing the smart way

You can standardize all your import processes in compliance with customs requirements, guaranteeing quick availability of your ordered goods.

And don’t miss any opportunity that the Customs Code allows to save on customs duties: bonded warehouse, inward processing, outward processing, and processing under customs control.

  • Electronic customs declarations:

 Exporting with ATLAS, e-dec, CHIEF, TDS & Co.

Get comprehensive support with distribution beyond national borders and ensure that your exports are managed cost-effectively and in compliance with all regulations.

  • Excise duties and other customs-related topics:

 Excise duties


Ensure proper handling and documentation of excise goods.



Intrastat report for goods movements within the EU – generated as per customs-specified formats.

  • O&P: origin and preferences

 Explain this one to your suppliers


All the tools you need to take advantage of preferential agreements. Long-term supplier’s declarations, proofs of origin, and preference calculations. ASSIST4 makes it all easier.

  • Auto-classification:

 Commodity codes at the click of a mouse, automatic classification.

EU dual-use number, coded documents, and more information on each commodity – all in one central location.

The AEB Classification software has been tested and certified by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

ASSIST4 Customs Management

Customs barriers – whether physical or regulatory – can stop your logistical processes in their tracks. ASSIST4 Customs Management clears these hurdles – for all customs-related processes.

ASSIST4 Customs Management automates and standardizes your customs management, seamlessly embedding export, import, NCTS, Intrastat, and more into the logistics process. ASSIST4 also opens the door to customs procedures with economic impact – bonded warehouses, inward processing, outward processing – and supports you with origins & preferences. The latest innovation

from ASSIST4 even classifies products for you. This lets you accelerate your global flow of goods, save customs duties, secure your supply chains, and achieve a competitive edge by eliminating errors in the execution.


End-to-end support for compliant processes

When it comes to efficiency and compliance in navigating the flow of goods across far-flung, multi-level purchasing and supply networks, expertise is paramount. Supported by a smart IT system for clearing customs: ASSIST4 Customs Management keeps you fully compliant with all import and export regulations.

Strategic plus: global trade management as part of SCM

It’s also an important tool for saving time and choosing the right customs procedures to minimize customs and import duties. ASSIST4 integrates customs clearance into your overall logistics process, yielding greater efficiency and cost benefits so that you can streamline your global business operations.

Export: more than just AES

IT has brought about profound change by introducing the electronic export declaration in the various AES systems. ASSIST4 connects you to these systems. But there are still many other steps to perform and documents to generate besides the export declaration. ASSIST4 knows them all and also knows when to perform which step to ensure your exports arrive on time.

Import: the benefits of insourcing

Many businesses find it cost-efficient to let others – customs agents, forwarders, etc. – handle their import transactions. But you might discover a potential to save even more money by having your in-house staff manage imports with the support of the right IT solution. ASSIST4 simplifies the processes and guides you through all the necessary steps.


  • Automate and standardize your customs processes for greater efficiency.
  • Accelerate your supply chains through just-in-time handling of the accompanying customs processes.
  • Avoid the risk of shipping delays from incomplete or inaccurate customs declarations.
  • Use all available options to minimize customs fees.
  • Ensure full 4C compliance in your business processes.
  • Don’t miss out on any simplification that the customs code permits.


 Real-world examples: more about customs management

AEB relies on customs software from AEBTechtronic Industries: AEB software suite manages the global distribution of power tools.

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Tudor Rose relies on ASSIST4Tudor Rose: Rely on ASSIST4 to manage their end-to-end logistics from order confirmation to final delivery.

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Fast and compliant exports thanks to SAP integrated product classification and export controls by AEBErema GmbH: fast and compliant exports thanks to SAP® integrated product classification and export controls by AEB

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Customs Management online demo

AEB ASSIST4 online demo – Customs Management


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