Playing it safe in a global marketplace

Transcending borders, overcoming obstacles – with ASSIST4.

ASSIST4 Customs Management automates and standardizes your customs clearance and embeds it in your logistics process. The result is an accelerated global flow of goods, lower customs duties, secure supply chains, and faultless execution to sharpen your competitive edge.


Global trade integration

Global trade integration with ASSIST4

Integration into the logistics processes

ASSIST4 Customs Management integrates customs clearance into your logistics processes. Customs-related tasks are often still isolated, and this can threaten the performance of your supply chain.

ASSIST4 bundles your global trade management and supply chain management, laying the foundation for faster, error-free, cost-effective procurement and distribution.


All-in-one: multi-country customs integration

Still quite common: one IT solution per country. Or even worse, no solution at all. Much better: streamlined multi-country IT solutions. With AEB’s integrated solutions suite.

Global trade integration with ASSIST4

Import, bonded warehouse, and processing relief

Import execution in ASSIST4 Customs Management

Import execution: importing the smart way


Using ASSIST4 Customs Management enhances the quality of your import management by giving those in charge effective process support and automating numerous work steps. When combined with an electronic import process (e.g. ATLAS, CHIEF, e-dec, TDS), this ensures fast, smooth communication with the customs office so you can be sure the goods you order will arrive promptly.

An integrated rulebase and the built-in ASSISTant guide you through all the necessary steps. Monitoring import processes is simple and convenient, and your company maintains complete control over costs.


Bonded warehouses and processing relief: tools to save you customs duties


ASSIST4 Customs Management lets you utilize any procedure that will save you money: bonded warehouse, inward processing, outward processing, and processing under customs control. This lets you control and monitor the flow of goods to keep down administrative overhead and customs duties.

ASSIST4 manages these highly regulated processes in compliance with regulations, so you can utilize every opportunity to save fees.

Custom procedures with economic impact in ASSIST4


Export execution with ASSIST4

Export execution: smarter by default.

ASSIST4 Customs Management offers comprehensive support in distribution beyond national borders, ensuring that your enterprise’s exports are managed cost-effectively and in compliance with regulations. The necessary export documents are created with minimum effort.

ASSIST4 also connects you to the electronic customs procedure that has been introduced in both the EU and US under the name AES (e.g. ATLAS, CHIEF, e-dec, TDS).



Excise duties

Businesses that trade in excise goods must keep strict documentation of all such goods movements. ASSIST4 helps facilitate and, as much as possible, automate the documentation and administration processes, even in the new era that began with the changeover from paper-based excise procedures to the electronic EMCS.


Origin and preferences

Automatic preference calculation: let ASSIST4 do the math

Ultimately, the interaction of a complex web of rules defined in specific preferential agreements determine whether a product is assigned a preferential origin. How customs preferences are granted depends on the country of destination. That makes the calculation even more complex.

Here, ASSIST4 can help you determine whether a preferential agreement applies and whether the manufactured goods have a preferential origin. ASSIST4 also helps you with the tedious task of creating, requesting, and managing supplier’s declarations.

Automatic preference calculation in ASSIST4

Product classification


Auto-classification for classifying customs tariff codes with ASSIST4

Categorizing goods and materials with the correct customs tariff number is no easy undertaking. The same applies to selecting the right export control number. But ASSIST4 provides you with effective support.


All sources of information

ASSIST4 takes advantage of all accessible sources that can yield information on your goods. Chief among them: the material master data in your ERP system and your design, material and production specifications.

Diverse classification strategies

Several search strategies are deployed to “play through” various methods for identifying the commodity code. The results are compared and evaluated. The clincher: ASSIST4 Classification is capable of learning. A sophisticated algorithm helps the software “remember” classifications already accepted as correct and displays them.

Full-text access

ASSIST4 Classification optimizes the classification process by offering full-text viewing and searching of the complete index of goods, so users can look up chapter and heading descriptions and quickly make the right decision.


ASSIST4 Customs Management: all that and more

Docu-Scout – all documents at your fingertips

You can count on ASSIST4 Customs Management to create all the documents and send all the messages that you need to manage your global shipments. You always know whether dual-use permits and licenses have been obtained and are up to date. Packages leaving the warehouse will always be complete and have the correct shipping labels, and data is automatically checked before it is sent to carriers or the customs office.

The ASSIST4 Docu-Scout helps even less experienced co-workers complete all necessary customs-related paperwork and electronic declarations without errors. That’s because the corresponding reference works such as Great Britain’s SITPRO standards or Germany’s K&M guidelines are integrated into the system’s prompting logic.

ASSIST4 Docu Scout

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