• US re-export controls:

 All together now – national, European and US law.

  • License management:

 Administration of export licenses made easy.

  • Restricted party screening:

 Screen against restricted party lists: business partners, vendors, customers, sales contacts.

  • Export controls:

 Ensure compliance in domestic and international trade.

ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management

As government authorities and legislators around the world keep a tight focus on rules, restrictions and regulations pertaining to trade, ASSIST4 protects your logistical processes against the potential legal consequences of unintended violations.

“Compliance” in global supply chain management means adhering to relevant rules and restrictions – such as embargoes against countries and individuals. The number, nature, and scope of such guidelines is growing worldwide. ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management is the tool that keeps your business transactions safe.

Export controls – safe and simple


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Export controls with AEB ASSIST4: the video

Global trade compliance

“Compliance” is a multifaceted concept. In the context of global supply chain management, it means adhering to relevant rules and restrictions – such as embargoes against countries and individuals. The number, nature, and scope of such guidelines is growing worldwide. Then there is the potential impact of corporate governance rules on logistical processes. ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management is the tool that protects your business transactions and relationships.

Essentials of export control

Given the plethora of national and international laws that are continually being updated, it’s not easy to ensure you’re always “playing by the rules” – complying with all export bans and anti-terrorism regulations.

If your company ships goods across borders, you must ask yourself:


Which country am I shipping to? Do any embargoes or export bans apply?
Do my goods require a license? For what purpose will my customer use the goods? Does US law apply?
Is my business partner named on a sanctions list?

ASSIST4 helps you answer these questions, looks for potential violations in your logistical processes, and protectsthem.

Process screening

A one-time screening – of your master data, for example – is generally not adequate. Restrictions often apply only in special circumstances, such as when dual-use goods are shipped to certain countries. In the case of licenses, the quantity is often of critical importance. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that screening be integrated into the workflow. ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management does exactly that – whenever you create a new transaction or modify information that is subject to screening. At every step of the process.


  • Security and compliance through preventive embargo checks
  • Secure, streamlined processes through automatic screening
  • Automatic background screening to eliminate delays
  • Data service with daily updates of national, EU, and US export control regulations
  • Administration of export licenses made easy

 Real-world examples: more about Compliance & Risk Management

ADS ADVANCE – December 2014

Beware of regulations made in the USA


The US Export Control Reform (ECR) brings about significant changes for a number of different industry sectors including high-tech, electronics, aerospace and defense, software, and more. Businesses urgently need to familiarize themselves with latest requirements…

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Export controls white papers


AEB's export controls white papersAEB's white papers about export control myths and U.S. export controls dispel common misconceptions and explain in plain English what companies are required to do to ensure compliance with national and international export controls. 

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GEA Westfalia Separator GroupGEA Westfalia Separator Group: The company uses ASSIST4 to optimize global transport management of new equipment and parts.

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Compliance & Risk Management online demo

AEB ASSIST4 online demo – Compliance and Risk Management


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