Playing it safe in unsafe times

Compliance regulations and risks are on the rise.


As government authorities and legislators around the world keep a tight focus on rules, restrictions and regulations pertaining to trade, ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management helps you avoid unintended violations and the potential penalties associated with these.


Export controls

Export controls for critical end-use with ASSIST4
Export controls for critical goods with ASSIST4
Export controls for critical countries with ASSIST4

Export controls made easy: red for “stop”, green for “go”


To ensure regulatory compliance, ASSIST4 screens against relevant national, EU and US regulations thus safeguarding your company's reputation, sales channels and supply chain.

ASSIST4 runs real-time checks against current bans and license requirements – taking into account not only the parties involved, the countries, and even the purpose, but also the type, volume, and value of the goods. As with the screening process, all export control steps are logged.


Status overview at a glance

The export control screening checks regulations at the national level, at the EU level, and in the US. Special icons show whether the transaction is prohibited or requires a license, whether a further check of the legal fine print is needed, or whether the goods can be shipped without any restrictions. If Compliance & Risk Management is fully integrated into your SAP® system, delivery and billing blocks are automatically invoked if the check reveals an embargo or unfulfilled licensing requirements. Only a specially authorized user can lift such a block.

Export controls status overview with ASSIST4

SilentSearch: automatic and unnoticed

The key principle underlying all ASSIST4 screening strategies is “silent” automatic searches: compliance checks and screening processes are launched at the designated points without any intervention by the user – in most cases without the user noticing the process at all. The user or others in the company (such as the compliance officer) are notified only if a restriction is found or the results of the auto-check are ambiguous. This lets you concentrate on the truly critical transactions – the software handles the rest.

Compliance checks with ASSIST4 software

Customize further restrictions

Global trade involves a plethora of rules and restrictions that go beyond defined export control regulations and are therefore not covered by the AEB data service. That’s why ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management lets you define your own restrictions. These might include restrictions based on the country of departure, country of consignee, country of destination, value of transaction, or the attributes of the goods.

Whether you tap into the export controls intelligence of ASSIST4 through the AEB data center or your own local installation: the program always comes equipped with a fully automatic, up-to-the-minute update service for all national, European, and US export control rules. This ensures that the screening processes are always based on the latest legal requirements. And it goes without saying that AEB offers this same service for updates to the restricted party lists.


Restricted party screening


Restricted party screening

One key function of ASSIST4 is to screen your business partner addresses against the restricted party lists of the UN, EU, and US authorities. Wherever addresses are input or edited, they are checked against the lists – on the fly, in the background, and out of sight for the user performing the transaction. It’s also a good idea to include batch runs of all master data: vendors, customers, sales contacts, etc. All steps of the screening process are logged. That way, you can prove that you’re in compliance with the law.

Compliance screening with ASSIST4

Fuzzy Logic

Use ASSIST4 software to synchronize address data with sanctions list screening

Checking large volumes of address data is a complicated task. ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management succeeds with the help of the following features:

  •  Similarity checks using quantifiers to calculate various degrees of similarity of an address and arrive at a composite result.
  • Configurable sensitivity (threshold).
  • Consideration of spelling variations based on phonetic similarities (Meyer, Meier, Mayer, Mair, etc.).
  •  Inclusion of typographical variants (ALL CAPS, all lower-case).
  • Consideration of abbreviations and transpositions of letters. You can also adjust the sensitivity to find out whether restricted party matches with a lower similarity threshold were found.

License management


Manage licenses

ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management lets you manage all the licenses you use in your export controls – general licenses, individual licenses, or collective licenses. If the export control check determines that a license is required, the software checks whether the appropriate license is already available on the system. When goods are shipped, comprehensive records are compiled indicating which license was used to export a particular article. All validity periods and value/volume limits are automatically monitored to ensure that the exported goods meet the conditions of the license.

ASSIST4 License Management

US re-export controls

Outside the US, but in compliance with US laws.

ASSIST4 checks not only the domestic regulations but also the EC Dual-Use Regulation and US law. The extraterritorial claim of US law means that even foreign businesses, especially those that trade internationally, may fall under its purview. The same checks for embargoes and critical goods that the software runs for the domestic and European regulations are also run for US laws, taking into consideration the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN), Commerce Control List (CCL), and the Commerce Country Chart.

Check of US export control regulations with ASSIST4

Comprehensive process support

Product classification with ASSIST4

The right export control number – automatically


The right export control number is critical to reliable, compliant export transactions and a key prerequisite for evaluating export risks. Knowing the right export control number is the only way to verify whether your goods are subject to export bans or restrictions.

ASSIST4 Classification provides a mapping directory that not only helps you identify the right export control number but also handles the prior product classification – that is, finds the right commodity code for you.

Compliance checks even in SAP® with AEB

All checks also in the SAP® system: screening starts as soon as the order is processed

If you manage your orders in the SAP® system rather than ASSIST4, you still have easy access to all the same screening mechanisms without ever leaving the SAP® workflow and document chain. This ensures that all procurement and distribution processes are screened from the outset according to the same uniform rules and with the same high degree of reliability you expect from ASSIST4 – even in your SAP® system.


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