Export control and restricted party screening added directly to your SAP® system

ATC :: solutions are not merely traditional add-on solutions. They are actually based on open standards such as Web services. Customized plug-ins integrate them seamlessly into the standard processes and user dialogs of your SAP® system. Two ATC :: solutions provide restricted party screening and automated export control checks.

 ATC :: Compliance Screening

ATC Compliance Screening
How you can be better, faster, safer thanks to automatic restricted party checks of all of your business partner addresses in your SAP® system.

Secure sales and distribution processes in SAP® software
One benefit of ATC :: Compliance Screening is that it secures the sales and distribution process directly in your SAP® system. If you are using an SAP® CRM system, this security begins as soon as you enter an “opportunity” or “prospect” – otherwise, from the “customer inquiry” or “customer quotation” phase in ERP.
All the partner functions in sales and distribution documents – whether they originate in SAP® ERP or SAP® CRM – are checked against the relevant restricted party lists. (“Restricted party lists” refers here to all official sanctions lists and a company’s in-house lists such as Bad Guy lists.) This is performed in real time whenever an address is created or modified.

SAP® master data checks

All customer, vendor, personnel and bank master data from SAP® ERP is also checked whenever data is input, modified, or auto-checked. In SAP® CRM, these checks extend as well to all business partner addresses: organizations (prospects, sold-to parties), persons (contact persons), and groups.

Autonomous and unobtrusive
ATC :: Compliance Screening works invisibly in the background as a pro-active security tool. You only become aware of its monitoring activities when there is a conflict: If one of the addresses is found on a  restricted party list, ATC :: Compliance Screening locks the relevant document or master data entry and initiates a pre-defined workflow. The persons responsible for export control are notified via SAP® work item and e-mail.

Cutting-edge technology

ATC :: Compliance Screening represents the intelligent fusion of an SAP® system with the AEB Compliance Engine. This server-based application centrally manages all restricted party lists, handles logging, and triggers a pre-defined workflow if anything appears suspicious. This guarantees consistent testing and centralized data consistency.

 ATC :: Export Controls

ATC Export Controls
Screen your export processes against the threat of noncompliance with embargoes and licensing requirements. Automatically, and right at the source: in your SAP® system.

Checks of EU and US law
ATC :: Export Controls checks against both the EC Dual-Use Regulation and US regulations such as EAR. International enterprises in particular may be subject to US law due to its extraterritorial claim.

Data service

Fully automated batch imports ensure that ATC :: Export Controls always has the latest versions of laws and guidelines.

License? Got it!
ATC :: Export Controls stores a company’s licenses and identifies them during the screening process.

Plug and play
ATC :: Export Controls offers true plug-and-play installation, so subsequent updates of ATC :: Export Controls and its host SAP® system are never a headache. The application is integrated into all relevant business processes and adapted to the SAP® GUI and design.

SAP® default mechanisms
ATC :: Export Controls extends the functional scope of your SAP® system. ATC :: Export Controls also uses authorization objects to control authorizations. The application relies on SAP® mechanisms to transfer the user interface. ATC :: Export Controls is customized through Business Add-Ins.

Security for export processes
ATC :: Export Controls sets a delivery and billing block when a transaction requires screening under export control laws. If all the necessary data is available, an authorized user can remove the block with a single click. This ensures compliant processes.


 The nitty-gritty of compliance screening:

What is checked? How does the screening process work?

  • Sales and distribution processes monitored: ATC :: Compliance Screening monitors the complete document flow in order processing.
  • Integrated master data checks: Every master data record, whether it’s being created or modified, is checked online.
  • Search strategies and test algorithms: ATC :: Compliance Screening combines various search strategies, test algorithms, and screening technologies.
  • Good Guy list: ATC :: Compliance Screening includes the option of defining so-called Good Guys on your own in-house list.
  • Bad Guy list: Specific persons or companies upon which a delivery block is placed can simply be added to the “Bad Guy” list.
  • Update service: Here you have access to lists from various data providers.
  • Logging and monitoring: Comprehensive logging of all checks is a hallmark feature of ATC :: Compliance Screening.

 Automatic screening with

ATC :: Export Controls.

ATC :: Export Controls order entry

Order entry
An employee enters the data into the SAP® system and saves the order.

ATC :: Export Controls export controls

Export controls
The export is subject to export control restrictions and requires a license. The user is notified and the document blocked against further processing.

ATC Export Controls log of export control screening results

Log of export control screening results
The company’s compliance manager is simultaneously sent an SAP® Office Mail with information on the transaction: license required for exports with special end-use.

ATC Export Controls link to text of legislation

Link to text of legislation
Information for compliance managers: the screening log includes a link to the relevant legal text – in this case, the EC Dual-Use Regulation.

ATC Export Controls license application

License application
The compliance manager submits an application to the relevant authorities for an export license.

ATC Export Controls verification by the authorities

Verification by the authorities
The export control authorities process the application: the goods are dual-use goods. Since the end-use is not objectionable in this case, an individual license is granted.

ATC Export Controls order processing and data protection

Order processing and data protection
The compliance manager enters the license, adds a note to the blocked document that it has been screened and releases it for further processing.

ATC Export Controls documentation of the screening process

Documentation of screening operation
The automatic screening of the business process, the license that is applied and the compliance manager’s notes are all documented.


 All about the ATC :: products

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