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Learn more about AEB's cloud-based compliance solutions. ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management is our time and cost saving solution which helps small and medium enterprises to adhere to relevant rules and restrictions; secure, always up-to-date, and accessible from anywhere.

Compliance and Risk Management Software by AEB

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As government authorities and legislators around the world keep a tight focus on rules, restrictions and regulations pertaining to trade, ASSIST4 protects your logistical processes against the potential legal consequences of unintended violations.

“Compliance” in global supply chain management means adhering to relevant rules and restrictions – such as embargoes against countries and individuals. The number, nature, and scope of such guidelines is growing worldwide. ASSIST4 Compliance & Risk Management is the tool that keeps your business transactions safe.

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Whitepaper 'The 5 Most Common Myths About Export Controls’

Whitepaper on export controls by AEB

Regulatory compliance is an important topic for companies operating in modern business environments. They must ensure they are trading legally and responsibly as violations of export control regulations may result in hefty fines and even imprisonment.


Success Story 'Albis Plastic GmbH'

Success story on AEB's compliance & risk management solution implementation at the end-user

A leader in the distribution and compounding of thermoplastics now manages its exports with greater speed and security. Businesses engaged in global trade must submit export declarations to authorities and keep the declarations for ten years. 


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