Business functionality – directly

in your SAP® solution: with AEB

AEB solutions work hand in hand with SAP® systems. That’s why the overwhelming majority of AEB customers rely on the powerful ERP solutions of SAP and turn to ASSIST4 for customs clearance, purchasing and distribution logistics, warehouse and transport logistics, risk management, and greater transparency and performance in their business-to-business partnerships.

The ASSIST4 suite for complete logistics:


ASSIST4 is the software suite for all your global business logistics, offering a full set of standardized business services for end-to-end logistics and global trade management. ASSIST4 is integrated with SAP® systems in 70 % of all installations.

End-to-end logistics with ASSIST4

  • Visibility & Collaboration Platform
    Supply chains rely on cross-enterprise collaboration with complete transparency and fully integrated partners.
  • Order Management
    Manage your order processes, keep an eye on fulfillment, and monitor your costs and workflows.
  • Warehouse Management
    End-to-end support for your logistics processes – support that precedes the warehouse and transcends the warehouse. But is always focused on the warehouse.
  • Transport & Freight Management
    Prepare shipments; choose the right carrier, parcel service, or forwarder; issue transport orders; and keep full control of your freight costs.
  • Customs Management
    Customs processes are part of logistics. Electronic export procedures, for example, bring automation to many tasks previously performed manually.
  • Compliance & Risk Management
    You are responsible for securing your supply chain. Screening against anti-terrorism lists, adhering to trade restrictions, AEO status: ASSIST4 is always at your side.
AEB ATC :: series

The ATC :: series – plug-ins that make ASSIST4 business services available directly within SAP® systems

The ATC :: series was developed especially for SAP® applications. ATC solutions are not traditional add-on solutions but plug-ins that integrate seamlessly into your SAP® system. AEB draws upon standardized SAP® technology such as web services that are delivered unchanged to your SAP® system.

SAP® software is a world of its own, the ATC :: series a part of this world

  • Monitoring & Alerting
    Get an overview of all your supply chain events directly in SAP® system. More ...
  • Compliance Screening
    Automated sanctions list screening of your entire business partner address base means efficiency and peace of mind. More ...
  • Export Controls
    Automatically screen your export processes for potential embargo violations and licensing violations. More ...
  • Classification
    The right commodity code is just a few clicks away: product classification right in your SAP® system. More ...
  • Origin & Preferences
    Create and manage suppliers' declarations and other preference documents directly in your SAP® system. More...
  • AES Customs Procedures (e.g. ATLAS, CHIEF, e-dec, TDS)
    ATC :: AES allows exporters to automatically and securely manage their export processes in their SAP® system. More ...
  • Carrier Integration
    Connecting seamlessly with all parcel services and forwarders directly in your SAP® processes. Shipping documents and labels are created automatically. More...
  • EMCS
    Submit, discharge, and manage e-ADs in the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS). More ...

 9 arguments for AEB and SAP

 Integration scenarios for AEB and SAP® solutions

What actually makes SAP® solutions and ASSIST4 solutions such a winning combination?
Combining ASSIST4 and SAP

AEB software offers all types and degrees of integration, from the complete and exclusive use of ASSIST4 to full integration through the ATC :: plug-in.

Integrating ASSIST4 and SAP

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